I missed the party

I finally got a new furniture purchase to fit up the stairs to my new apartment.

Naturally, it wasn’t without its dramas.

The delivery men arrived two hours after their allotted 11-2pm timeslot, which was a bummer as I’d been offered a ticket to Open For Lunch. If I had have known my enormous cabinet wasn’t arriving until 3pm I could have been part of the action.

Open For Lunch saw about 2500 people dine out along 850 metres of Sydney’s George Street and Parramatta’s CommBank Stadium.

There was a Hoedown, a Merivale Disco Picnic, a carnival-themed food spectacular at the YCK Fair, a Feast for the Senses and other fabulous things.

I missed it all. I sat tapping away at home on my computer and stared enviously at photos of my sister partying at the Hoedown …

When the removalists finally arrived they hauled the cabinet up to my apartment in two separate boxes and then turned around to leave.

I was was like “hang on …” and they informed me that I hadn’t booked them to lift the 50kg top piece of the cabinet up onto the 50kg bottom piece so they’d be heading off.

My eyebrows were very high up my forehead at that moment.

I asked how they thought I was going to manage to unbox two 50kg pieces of furniture on my own and place them one on top of the other.

They shrugged and said there wasn’t anything they could do about the situation. I even offered to pay them cash to do it and they still refused.

I said something along the lines of “so the pieces will just sit in their boxes in the middle of my loungeroom forever?”

They shrugged and said they were running late and had to go.

This went on for about five minutes until they finally caved and agreed to unbox the two pieces and stack them for me.

I am very happy with the finished result. So schmick! I am still putting all my glassware into it. There is extensive dishwashing involved in this task and I am not the biggest fan of housework.

On Friday night I headed into the city to see the the comedy spectacular Just For Laughs.

I hadn’t really paid attention to the details and didn’t realize it only started at 9pm. That is very freaking late for me.

I was deliriously tired when we finally got home around midnight. It was quite the job finding a cab – Sydney CBD is permanently heaving with people these days as everyone pretends COVID no longer exists.

Saturday went by in a blur of exhaustion, I don’t remember much about it.

My Sunday was pretty quiet. Well, quiet for me. It was funny telling DD about my low-key Sunday morning, as all I had done was walk the dogs, walk with my friend Alice, taken the youngest to breakfast, bought a bone inlay cupboard online, driven the youngest to the library to study and carried four loads of rubbish down to the garage by the time I got to his place at 1pm.

Very chill.

DD and I went to the beach for the most glorious swim – the water temperature has edged up to 20C – then ate some takeaway on his deck in the balmy summer breeze. So lovely.

All too soon it was time to collect the youngest from the library and head to the end-of-year skipping presentation dinner, where the youngest got a silver medal for overall achievement.

I sat forlornly listening to the other mums talking about how they are heading to the World Skipping Championships in Colorado next year. They’ve seconded a skipper from Queensland to take the youngest’s place in all their routines.

The youngest is adamant that she’s not going to the comp due to the HSC.

Sad face. I was already pretty vehement that exams are daft things that should be abolished in high school – all that pressure and rote learning is ridiculous.

OK, I’d better get cracking on the day … the dogs are madly scratching at the laundry door, demanding a walk … at effing 6am.

This week is going to be quite the ride … strap yourselves in …

Song of the day: Pink “Get the party started”

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