It didn’t make it

I come to you with sad news: the black buffet and hutch that I ordered online didn’t make it up the stairs to my apartment.

It was too big.

Waaaaay too big.

Sigh. It was so beautiful. I am saddened by its loss.

The delivery blokes arrived around 1pm yesterday and stared in horror at the access issues they faced.

I had warned the retailer in the “special notes” section of my order that there were 24 stairs to negotiate to my apartment. They were aware that it was a 200kg beast that needed to be hefted up them.

The delivery blokes gave it their best shot – they made it up one flight of stairs before admitting defeat.

I rang the retailer and a nervous little bird on the other end of the phone said: “What do you want me to do about it?”


I’d like you to suggest something.

She was clearly out of her depth – this was obviously uncharted territory for her – so I asked if the delivery guys should take it back to the warehouse.

She agreed and said she’d look into whether she could get me a refund.

FFS. Look into it?

Anyways, I’ve followed up and asked if the two-door version of the buffet and hutch would make it up the stairs.

Again, she needs to look into it and get back to me.

Stay tuned.

The cupboard I ordered from OzDesign arrives today. It is much smaller and I am pretty confident it will be safely ensconsed in my kitchen by this afternoon.

I will let you know on Monday.

Have a great weekend. Mine will be spent staring mournfully at the boxes in the middle of the living room that I was hoping to finally unpack.

Song of the day: Peter Gabriel “Big Time”

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