I cut it off

As you may recall, I live on a very busy road. It was extra busy yesterday morning – the traffic was at a complete standstill.

It was quite the palaver to get out of my driveway, because no one wants to lose a precious car length by letting you in.

I felt anxious as we edged along in the traffic jam, as the youngest needed to be at school in 10 minutes to catch a bus to school camp.

As we turned the corner to the school gate, the youngest swore loudly and announced that she had forgotten to pack a towel.

My eyes went a little flinty and I may have raised my voice ever so slightly.

FFS, how does someone forget their towel when they are going to a camp that involves a lot of mud, swimming, kayaking and other soggy activities?

I barked at her to get out of the goddamn car and hooned home to get her a goddamn towel.

Then I recommenced the painful process of edging out into the jammed traffic and desperately hoped I would get back to the school before the bus departed.

Luckily for her I made it.


Parenting teenagers is a deeply frustrating process.

Actually, yesterday was filled with frustration. I am also trying to work out the logistics of moving furniture, laying vinyl floorboards and spending the minimum amount of time homeless. It is weighing on me heavily.

I have thrown myself on the mercy of the youngest’s allergist and begged for a letter confirming we need to rip up the carpet in the new apartment on medical grounds.

I also added an extra degree of difficulty to my day by accepting the offer of a last-minute cancellation appointment at my hairdresser.

There wasn’t actually time in my day for a haircut, but I decided to do it anyway.

I literally ran into the salon … because I was late … and asked my hairdresser to lop it all off.

Well, not all of it, but a substantial amount.

Here is a heavily airbrushed pic of the results (50-54 are cruel years, especially when you grit your teeth and narrow your eyes as much as I do) …

It’s still not a pretty picture, but can someone send Botox and teeth whitener STAT so I can look like that in real life as well.

I am very happy to be rid of my hair. I feel much perkier without it.

Oh, and a further frustration of the day was that I put a wire planter stand out on the nature strip and my ex saw it, decided he wanted it and took it home.

Then he returned it to my nature strip because his girlfriend didn’t like it.

Is that kosher? I feel the rules are that if you take it and change your mind you dispose of it yourself, not return it to me.

Thoughts? Feelings?

Luckily for him someone else took it. Otherwise I’d be doing more of that flinty eyed thing.

Hmmmm, what should I put out on the nature strip next … ?

Song of the day: Taylor Swift “Shake it off”

7 thoughts on “I cut it off

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  1. best Taylor Swift is ‘we are never getting back together’ i chuckle and sometimes laugh out loud whenever I hear it……traffic, I’ll always remember driving into NYC with my sister at the wheel, in the left lane, she simply put on her signal light, and I thought there is no way, the road was jammed, but those in the right lane parted like the red sea…..in NYC!?……here, it’s be good luck….and yeah, there was we were on vacation, my son forgot his sunglasses at a set of waterfalls, and told me about it 2 hours later….I think I told him he’d better start walking back………

  2. Forgot a towel? Amber went to her 1st ever swimming nationals forgetting her swimmers, towel, goggles, the lot… Lol

  3. I feel it’s the taker’s responsibility to dispose of item after they’ve already taken it!

    Oh and as for forgetting things as a teen – I was the goalie for my school’s hockey team and turned up to a game without my shin pads and kickers Lol. And I had to play on – no time for mum to go home and get them!

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