That’s frustrating

It’s been a while since I lived in an apartment, so I’m a bit rusty on the hoops you need to jump through with strata managers.

I want to get my pets approved before I move in next month, so I contacted the bloke in charge of the building.

He told me: “I really can’t service any owner that isn’t listed on the roll. Could you please make sure your lawyers provide the change of ownership to our office.”

Now the problem is that the change of ownership isn’t provided until settlement day. So I’m not really sure how pre-approval of furry friends is supposed to work.

Surely they have this issue ALL THE TIME?

Anyways, the same thing goes for getting approval to move my furniture into the building, plus my curly request to replace the carpet with floating floorboards because of the youngest’s allergies.

I have all the forms, but I can’t submit them until final exchange. That is a little inconvenient when I am planning to move in prior to final exchange. So I’ve asked the current owners if they will submit the requests on my behalf, since the strata guy can’t “service” me …

Fortunately the current owners are really nice and said yes. Well, yes to the pets and moving my stuff in. They want the floating floors to wait until after settlement date, which is a pain because it means all my furniture will be in the unit when/if I’m allowed to replace the flooring.

My brother in law – aka the flooring purveyor – is going to the apartment with me next week to assess the best type of flooring to install for noise reduction and also to ensure even surfaces as there is currently vinyl in the kitchen, travertine marble in the hallway and carpet in the bedrooms to negotiate.

I’ve also come up with a compromise between my desire for a black and walnut kitchen and the fact there is a perfectly good white kitchen currently in situ.

I’ve Googled white/walnut kitchens and they’re an actual thing.

They look like this:

So I’m thinking I will put a walnut panel on the front of my breakfast bar and a row of walnut cupboards above the stove top and fridge and I’ll achieve a nice compromise.

Not sure I agree with the choice of grey flooring in the example I’ve shown, but each to their own.

So I’m back to rocking a black, white and walnut colour scheme with pops of forest green.

Speaking of pops of green … do you like this sideboard from Lounge Lovers?

I find the inlay very fetching, not so sure about the paintwork on the metal. I might check it out at the showroom on Saturday.

OK, gotta go, I’m in the city for work today, which always adds an extra level of complexity to my mornings.

Catch you tomorrow.

Song of the day: Shakin’ Stevens “You drive me crazy”

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  1. You have to get permission to change the flooring inside the unit? & to move furniture in? Sounds like an American HOA. Lol

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