I do love a bargain

My phone buzzed as I was having brunch with my Aunty Barb on Sunday.

It was a message from DD – he was contemplating a hotel stay in the city that night, as he was heading to a two-day conference.

He asked if I could organise a short-notice dog sitter and join him.

Tempting, but my dog sitter – aka the eldest – rarely rises before lunchtime, so he was on tenterhooks for a few hours.

Finally, I got the thumbs up that the eldest was available for duty, so DD booked our stay.

Then DD drove to the conference via my place to help heft my old mattress and base out onto the nature strip AGAiN.

You will be pleased to hear that I got the date right this time and the mattress has finally been taken away to be recycled. Woo-hoo!

I was a bit frantic after that with various packing up the house jobs, plus taking the youngest to skipping practice.

Then DD a sent a photo of the bathroom at the hotel, with the message “Room 607 – key is waiting”.

My eyes widened when I saw the accompanying photo …

He’d been upgraded!

It’s been a long time between baths for me. The tub at my place is beyond blerk – all the resurfacing is peeling off.

So I grabbed a Lady Schick, threw a few clothes in my overnight bag, hastily dressed and headed to the bus stop to catch a ride into the city.

I was wheeling my bag along the street when I looked down and realised I was wearing knee-high boots that didn’t match …

Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrghhhhhh nooooooo!

Time was already fleeting for my bath, so I switched into a pair of far less glamorous Converse that were in my bag and headed into town.

The moment I stepped into the hotel room I started pouring my bath, with options of adding Himalayan Bath Salts in Ginger Lily scent or Vitamin B3 Bath Caviar with Amber & Patchouli. Fancy!

It was a tough decision, but I went with the bath salts, stripped off and settled in for a soak and a leg shave …

Then I headed to Darling Square for dinner with DD.

He sent me this pic of the view as he walked over to meet me – cool, huh? He’s a dab hand with an iPhone camera.

Have you been to Darling Square? It’s such a happening spot, right next to the ICC, where DD and I saw Crowded House a while back.

The concert banners on the building on Sunday said a band called The Script were having a “greatest hits tour”.

I suddenly felt very old – I’ve never even heard of The Script and they have greatest hits???

Anyways … many moons ago, one of my fave restaurants to visit with my ex was Chinta Ria, which now has a restaurant at Darling Square, so I booked us a table.

Sadly for Chinta Ria, DD lives close to an awesome Malaysian restaurant called Berempah. Chinta Ria didn’t really hold a candle to it, but it was fun to be at an outdoor table on a Sunday night in the city, checking out the action.

Sadly for the hotel, I had a nose bleed at 3am and defiled their lovely white pillowcase.

But aside from that it was a great night.

And then back to work I went. Eight hours later, I checked domain.com.au and discovered an apartment I’ve been idly fancying had passed in at auction over the weekend and is now on the market at a very attractive price.

I think I might make an offer … forgive me Claudia, you will not approve of its drawbacks.

But I do love a bargain.

Stay tuned …

Song of the day: ABBA “Money, money, money”

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