Pets in high places

I caught up with my friend Ania last night to get the lowdown on what its like to own a pet in an apartment.

She has a gorgeous fur baby and said he loves high-rise life. I grilled her on how arduous she finds taking a dog out for a wee three or four times a day and what happens when she can’t.

I also asked her about the pros and cons of balcony sizes versus winter gardens (enclosed balconies).

Ania reckons none of her friends use their balconies, which surprised me because I’ve been so focused on the importance of getting a big one.

She was very keen on me getting the penthouse with winter garden I saw last Saturday (she reckons you’d be blown off an open balcony on the 22nd floor) … especially since it’s right around the corner from her place!

She warned that strata fees often go up but rarely go down and are a bitch, which is a bit terrifying.

Well, just add it to the long list of terrifying things that come with accidentally selling your house …

On my way to meet Ania I stopped into the chemist to get the youngest a sling to support her damaged shoulder following a very expensive physio session.

Buying a sling for a teenager is also pretty scary because it must meet style requirements as well as practical ones.

Which is how I found myself asking the shop assistant if she had anything in black …

She didn’t, so the youngest is sucking up something in navy.

She is not impressed. Let’s just hope she can start training again soon because Nationals are on next month in Darwin …


Song of the day: Tal Bachman “She’s so high”

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