Medal hauls and new dawns

So much happened over the weekend that I couldn’t cram it all into one blog post.

The youngest won four Silver medals and one Bronze medal at the State Skipping Championships in Canberra and has qualified to perform her solo routine at the National Skipping Championships in Darwin.

My ex will be taking her to those as well, as he is a qualified judge and vital to the process, whereas I am just a t-shirt stand assistant and easily replaced.

At least he will be warm there. He said it was so cold at the competition hall over the weekend that he had to wear his pajama pants under his jeans.

While the youngest was alternately shivering and flogging her body on the competition floor (she was too sore to go to school yesterday), I was out celebrating my house sale.

DD and I went to Barrenjoey House at Palm Beach for an early dinner so we could watch the sun set.

I dashed across the road halfway through my glass of pink bubbles to get a happy snap of Pittwater. So beautiful!

DD’s brother had given him a restaurant gift voucher for Christmas so we splashed out on crab toast, scallops, steak and lobster risotto. It was all very flash and delicious.

I even stayed at DD’s for the night so we could watch the sunrise at Avalon headland. The coffee van wasn’t there, sad face, so we headed to the cafe at Bilgola for our fix. I wish I could live around there, but that will have to wait until my next move.

As for the current move, I am still pretty terrified about where I will go and quite worried about whether I have done the wrong thing. Ideally I would have waited until the youngest finished high school. But I got antsy and jumped the gun.

Now I need to find a new place that suits me and two kids and two dogs in a market where there’s hardly anything for sale.

My real estate agent reckons more stuff will be on the market next month.

Fingers very tightly crossed.

Song of the day: ABBA “Take a chance on me”

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