A new chapter begins

It’s official – I can finally tell you my exciting news.

After spending the last two years as a freelancer and contractor, I have started a new chapter of my career as Digital Corporate Communications Manager at Destination NSW.

It’s a buzz to have scored the gig in my fifties, I feel proud to be waving the flag for hiring mature women in digital roles.

When I tell people I work at Destination NSW they get excited and think I will be traveling a lot and writing about lazing on the beach in Byron Bay, but I work at the business end of the organisation – stakeholder engagement, writing about regional conferencing, posting on LinkedIn, that sort of thing.

I’m very cool with that – I’ve developed a passion for business writing in recent years.

I’ve been working with the corporate team at Destination NSW as a contractor since before Christmas and they’re a lovely bunch.

My new boss called me out of the blue in November after enjoying my work over the years. She asked if I was interested in doing a six-month contract with the Ministerial and Corporate Communications team at Destination NSW. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and kind in the months that have followed.

So when this newly created permanent role was advertised, I applied for it.

The recruitment process was pretty gruelling, but I made it through and scored the job.

I’m feeling a bit like Sally Field when she won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1985, took to the stage and said: “I can’t deny the fact that you like me. Right now, you like me.”

I was in the office yesterday and lots of lovely people came up to congratulate me. It feels weirdly different being there as a staff member rather than a contractor. Nice different.

I am looking forward to getting my teeth into the role as it expands and evolves over the coming months.

It currently includes a few tasks I’ve been doing since last year, including a weekly newsletter called ‘Insights’.

If you are interested in hearing all the latest news on the NSW visitor economy – we don’t call it tourism – you can subscribe to it here: https://www.destinationnsw.com.au/news-and-media/insights-newsletter#subscribe

Here’s an example of an Insights newsletter I put out the other week: https://createsend.com/t/r-10D7A4C4939F4D702540EF23F30FEDED

You can also follow Destination NSW on LinkedIn here

Wish me luck on my new career journey!

Song of the day: Donna Summer “She works hard for the money”

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