Japanese surprise

I compile a news report every morning for my client. Yesterday’s report made me laugh out loud twice. Luckily I was doing the report at 8am and there was no one else in the office while I cackled to myself.

The first chortle came when I saw this headline from the Daily Mail: Covid bedwetter Ray Hadley EXPLODES at fill-in breakfast host for daring to call for calm about infected cruise ship: ‘Embarrassed to be on the same network’

I wasn’t laughing about the cruise outbreak, that’s not funny. But I didn’t realise that Ray Hadley had the COVID bedwetter nickname and that he blames the NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet for starting the slur.

During an interview on 2GB last year, Hadley accused Perrottet of calling ‘people like me’ bedwetters after a few drinks at a pre-Christmas function.

“Ray, I have no recollection of that,” Perrottet politely responded.

But the COVID bedwetter nickname has obviously stuck.

Anyways, the second chuckle came when I saw a headline that said: “Clairvoyant penguin predicts winner of Origin decider”.

Apparently a king penguin at Sydney Aquarium called Lorraine used its clairvoyant skills to predict which team would wini the State of Origin.

A Queensland and NSW football were placed in the snow and Lorraine appeared to favour the Blues ball, waddling closer to it and knocking it over.

Sadly it seems Lorraine is not psychic, because the Maroons won.

Ah well. Great headline.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful, until I went to a Japanese and Korean spirits tasting hosted by Endeavour Drinks.

I was not terribly keen to taste Japanese and Korean spirits, as I had the impression they were not very nice. I don’t think I’ve ever tried sake before. And my two brief experiences in both Japan and Korea didn’t go so well either.

My lone trip to Japan was while I living in Singapore. I went on a tour during Chinese New Year. Not a mouthful of Japanese food passed my lips because the tour guides took us to Chinese restaurants for every meal. We also didn’t understand a word the tour guides said because they only spoke Mandarin.

As for Korea, we stayed there for a night on our way to New York or Europe, I forget which one. We jumped on a train at Incheon Airport into the city, forlornly looked around, couldn’t find anything of interest near the train station, and jumped back on a train to Incheon the city. We figured it would be a good place to grab a bite before retiring to our airport hotel.

What we didn’t realise was that Incheon the city and Incheon the airport are a loooooong way apart.

Incheon the city was also very, very quiet. We couldn’t find any restaurants open and had a devil of a job getting an expensive taxi back to the airport.

Anyways, I digress. The sake and sochu I sipped last night were quite pleasant. Of course, I liked the most expensive one: Chiyonokame Souryu Junmai Daigino (sake) at $77.99 a bottle.

I thought it had lovely pear aromas and it was also very smooth on the palate. Not what I was expecting sake to taste like at all.

This is how Dan Murphy’s describes my fave drop: “This exceptional sake is brewed at low temperatures using a unique strain of yeast called the Ehime EK-7 to enhance aroma and freshness. The result is elegant sake with a fruity sweetness to the palate and a mellow aftertaste. Pair it with Teriyaki chicken.”

I paired it with complementary sushi before heading home to my frigid house to huddle under a crocheted rug in my overcoat and watch an episode of Stranger Things.

Have a happy weekend. I hope there’s some blue sky and warm sun in it for you,

PS For anyone who read yesterday’s blog early in the morning, I’ve updated it, as I didn’t realise my friend Orsola had given an interview about the telescope photos to the ABC. So cool!

Song of the day: The Vapors “Turning Japanese” (finding out what this song was about was a shock)

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