Get me out of here

My Facebook feed became pretty low-key when COVID-19 lockdowns clipped everyone’s wings, but it’s currently chockers with people going on the most amazing holidays.

London, Paris, Berlin, Venice, Amsterdam, Madrid …

Helicopter flights over Ningaloo, African safaris, over-water bungalows in Tahiti.

I am not kidding, my Facebook friends are seriously going all out.

And I’m envious.

I want to fly away too!

There are just a few obstacles in my way … I don’t get holiday pay so I can’t go for long … COVID-19 has made travel very expensive … everything that is reasonably – or even unreasonably – priced seems to be booked out … my destination choices are limited by me wanting to go somewhere above 25C because I am sick of being cold.

Literally nothing seems to match the criteria or my budget.

DD fancies seeing the solar eclipse at Ningaloo Reef, but that’s not until April 2023 and I reckon it will be heaving with so many people that it will scare the whale sharks away.

It would be awesome to get a brief respite from the hamster wheel of daily life – it’s been a pretty intense six months since my ill-fated, COVID-laced trip to Fiji.

That was quite the holiday nightmare, although it did mean I got my passport renewed before the current high anxiety, three-month waiting time kicked in.

Meanwhile, the rain continues to pour down in Sydney. I’m in the office again today, so I’d better get up and gird my loins for the soggy journey.

I’ll do a bit more holiday bargain searching on the bus.

Song of the day: Divinyls “Boys in town”

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