Dumplings and seals

Our first morning in Narooma kicked off with Vegemite on toast on our balcony with this stunning view …

It was so nice to see all that blue sky after weeks of endless rain in Sydney.

Then we went in search of coffee. Good Friday in a sleepy village meant only one option, with a gigantic queue, so I decided to skip my caffeine hit.

On our way back to the car we stopped at the local IGA and picked up a loaf of Honorbread from Bermagui and a 3 Udders Brie from Tilba Dairy to have later for our lunch.

A visit to Narooma Beach was beautiful but a little disappointing, as it was closed due to dangerous surf. It was still lovely to wander along the pristine sand.

We did a bit of beach hopping down the coast to give the youngest some driving practice, including beautiful Hankerchief Beach for a quick dip and then a stickybeak at Mystery Bay.

The waves at Hankerchief Beach delighted me as they were filled with shoals of shimmering fish. Fortunately we were very close to shore for our splash and not in danger of becoming shark bait!

Then it was back to out balcony for lunch – sooooo delicious – and a nap – also very delicious.

I convinced the youngest to walk out to the breakwater with me later in the afternoon, so we could perch on the rocks and watch about 10 seals basking in the sun.

We were entranced by the huge, lazy creatures.

Dinner that night was at our motel’s restaurant, Queen Chow, which also has sister venues in Sydney at Enmore and Manly.

I spent the balance of the youngest’s inheritance on dumplings, salt and pepper squid, roast duck noodles and balmain bug omelette with fried bread.

The omelette was probably our favorite of all the dishes, but it wasn’t very photogenic.

And, for some reason, while every other meal in the restaurant was delivered by waiters, the chef brought the omelette to us personally and explained it. Maybe it doesn’t get ordered very often?

The youngest informed me over dinner that she’d like to slow the pace down a bit when I suggested a swim in the morning. You’d think she was the fiftysomething person at the table!

So we’re going to have a quiet start to the day. Well, I’m not sure I have quiet in me. I will hunt down coffee and do a bit of exploring while the youngest lies in bed looking at Tik Tok videos on her phone.

Each to their own!

Song of the day: Queen “I want to break free”

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