Things we do for love

Things I did not feel like doing last night after working a 10-hour shift:

  1. Spending an hour delivering the youngest’s passport to her dad’s house because she forgot it and needed it to get her Learner’s permit today.

Actually, that covers it.

What I did feel like doing last night was having a therapeutic walk – and rant – with my friend Mel. But my therapeutic walking and ranting was interrupted by a flurry of texts from the youngest.

“We don’t have any identification”

“Passport is at ur house”

“Dad is a bit mad”

I’ll bet he is.

The youngest is hell bent on getting her Learner’s permit on her 16th birthday. This has proven to be an issue in itself as it’s very hard to get Learner’s permit bookings at the moment.

She ended up scoring a spot at Burwood. As she’s at her dad’s place on Tuesday mornings, he’s the taxi service for that one.

He was already in a bit of a mood last night because he got the time wrong to pick her up from Baker’s Delight after work. He arrived at 6pm rather than 7pm.

We were supposed to have dinner together after that for the youngest’s birthday – she wanted to celebrate as a family – but she had a really bad allergic reaction in the early hours of Monday morning and wasn’t well enough, so we postponed.

Anyways, my ex refused to drive back over to get the passport, so Mum cut her walk short and hopped in the car and bloody did it.

Mum is very tired today. Mum needs a break. Instead of getting a break, Mum will drive to Enmore tonight at some god awful hour to pick the youngest up from a Spacey Jane concert.

The things we do for love.

Song of the day: 10cc “The things we do for love”

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