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I had birthday drinks with my workmates last night at a pub in The Rocks called The Glenmore. It’s right next to my office and it has a rooftop bar with the most AMAZING view of the harbour.

Seriously, I must win the lottery and buy a city pad in The Rocks, I am in love with the area.

The festival of the birthday is gathering steam. This is good and bad. It’s good to be celebrating, but it’s bad because I don’t actually have time for fun this week.

Work is crazy busy. Even stuff like squeezing in my commuting time to the office is stressing me out.

The logistics of today woke me in a panic at 5am.

On the work side, I have an hour-long media report to compile, a bus ride into the city, an event briefing to write, a Teams meeting to attend, an office birthday cake to cut, a newsletter to build and a site visit to do.

On the festivities side, I’m supposed to have a quick lunch with a friend at my new favourite Rocks pub, then tonight there’s a birthday dinner with the kids.

Those should be happy occasions, but they filled me with panic as I lay in the dark. The workload to be squeezed around them is daunting.

As for my booze blogging duties … argh!

However, I’ve resolved that things invariably work out when you tackle stuff one step at a time, rather than wasting time worrying about the whole staircase.

So I’m taking deep breaths and keeping the fun stuff in the diary.

And tomorrow I’m 54.

Still not quite getting my head around that either. It might require a few deep breaths too.

OK, better get cracking on my day – wish me luck!

Song of the day: The Analogues “When I’m 64”

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