Unfinished business

As I hauled yet another load of wet clothes out of the washing machine yesterday morning, my brain filled with questions.

Why do my children know how to put things in the washing machine, but not how to take them out?

Why do they know how to open cupboard doors, but not how close them?

Why do they know how to cook, but not how to clean up?

Why do they know how to get a clean fork out of the dishwasher, but not how to put a dirty one in?

Why do they know how to use a toilet, but not how to flush it?

I could go on … and I wish I could say the answer to all those questions is a mystery, but it’s not.

I have been too soft and I don’t have it in me to be hard.

So I spend my days hanging out endless loads of washing, closing cupboard doors and packing the dishwasher.

I have no idea how my children will survive in the real world, faced with all the tasks they know how to start but not finish.

I dream about having a little apartment to myself one day, where the kitchen cupboard doors stay shut and the toilet bowl is clean. Then I remind myself that even when the children have left, the dogs and their muddy footprints will remain for many years to come.

OK, gotta go and knock over the last day of my working week. Then it’s party time. Stay tuned for the crazy details …

I hope you are safe and dry. It’s been a shocker week for NSW and Queensland. We had another torrential night here and the clouds are still grim overhead.

Take care and I’ll catch you Monday.

Song of the day: Mental As Anything “Let’s cook”

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