Taking a break

I’ve decided I need a long weekend without blogging, so I’m signing off until Tuesday.

It’s a bit tricky to find inspiration five days a week when working remotely … and even harder to be funny.

DD reckons I was funnier before my spirit was crushed by COVID, health issues, teenager wrangling and horrible bosses.

It can be difficult to keep the laughs coming in those circumstances.

That said, one of my blog followers commented earlier this week: “I love your posts … Facebook needs multiple emojis to tick … laugh, care, cry etc as you often cover them all lol.”

Oh, my heart! How lovely of her – it made my day.

One never wants to jinx things, but I’m hopeful that 2022 will be a less crazy year. My expectations aren’t high, I just want to earn enough to pay my bills, have a holiday that doesn’t dice with 10 days in hotel quarantine, maybe replace my crappy car … after replacing my crappy roof … and spend more time with my spunky boyfriend.

What are your hopes for the year ahead, other than not catching COVID?

Song of the day: Hall & Oates “You make my dreams come true”

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