Fixing things

Gotta love a boyfriend who drops over on a Tuesday night to fix your kitchen cupboard door and your grey roots.

Well, you don’t gotta, but I’m pretty stoked.

The cupboard door fell off last week, while I’ve been sporting an impressive swathe of regrowth.

DD answered my distress call and trekked south to ensure my hair and my kitchen looked halfway decent again.

(I wish he knew how to shellac nails, it’s going to be 26 degrees on Saturday and my toes are not thong ready – they’re a chipped mess.)

In return for his handyman efforts, I served him slow cooked beef ribs and beans for dinner and gazed adoringly.

DD even rescued the dinner from disaster. I took an ancient magazine clipping to his place the other week to make the dish and couldn’t find it yesterday. Fortuitously, he’d taken a photo of it!


Then I accidentally cooked the dish with the lid on … so it was too soupy to add the bottle of cider that the recipe suggested. Dammit. Not to mention it was supposed to be made with pork ribs, which I think work better. But they were among the many items absent from Woolies due to the COVID supply chain crisis.

The tomato and bean sauce tasted good, but the substituted beef was a bit fatty and chewy.

Not my best work.

Speaking of not my best work … I needed my roots done because I’m hoping to appear in my first Tik Tok video this week. I will probably change my mind after seeing my faces creases and go for a voiceover, but a girl/middle-aged woman needs options.

I prefer still photos like the main one on this blog post, as I can remove a few of the creases in PicMonkey (all the secrets are coming out now).

The Tik Tok video will be an RTD review, I think. Stay tuned …

I can’t believe I’m contemplating entering the Tik Tok fray at 53. But one must keep up with the times when one is a digital journalist.

Oh bugger, I’ve just realised I forgot to photograph all the HotHouse Kitchen recipes again.


Song of the day: Split Enz “I see red”

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