The international incident

My mornings are very relaxed these days – I don’t need to get ready for work and the kids no longer require lifts to far-flung bus stops for school. So I start each day with a relaxed scroll through my phone in bed, then I walk the dogs to my local coffee shop.

I will miss the leisurely routine when the crazy scramble of normal life returns.

I pass a woman each day, as she heads home with her cuppa. It was her birthday on Saturday and I asked how she was celebrating.

She laughed. I laughed.

Celebrations are in short supply in Sydney right now.

We nodded in unison and said “Walk?” … “Walk”.

Like me, she’s lucky enough to have her sister living within the 5km restrictions radius. So she was doing the birthday walk with her.

Meanwhile, I embarked on three headland walks, culiminating in Mona Vale headland with DD. Only 22,000 steps all up, a poor effort compared to previous weekends.

It was grey and moody at Mona Vale, but still stunningly beautiful.

DD took lots of video on his phone so he could give me a tutorial on movie making. I’m contemplating doing the modern thing and adding moving pictures to my repertoire. Gawd knows when I’ll find time for the editing.

Here’s the link to the one I created – well, it was mainly DD:

DD is a dab hand at videos because he’s become The Warrior’s personal videographer. I reckon The Warrior’s motivational videos would go gangbusters on Tik Tok, he’s quite the character.

In other news, I was blithely lying in bed on Sunday morning scrolling through LinkedIn – my favourite form of social media entertainment – and I started reading a story from a London media and PR analytics firm called The Ready-to-Drink Trend: Can Canned Cocktails and Hard Seltzers Save the Alcohol Industry?

I’m a bit obsessed with the RTD, canned cocktail and hard seltzer market, but I didn’t realise how obsessed until I got to the paragraph in the story that said: “We found that the industry publications which paid the most attention to the RTD trend included Beverage Daily, The Spirits Business, Drinks Digest and Drinks Business, while the most active mass outlets in the sphere included CNBC and Forbes.”

If I’d been drinking my strong flat white at the time I’d have spat it out in surprise.

Drinks Digest is getting international recognition and being mentioned in the same sentence as Forbes! How cool is that?

In other weekend news, the six-week experiment to see how long it would take for the kids to cave and clean their bathroom ended with me caving and cleaning their bathroom. It was so disgusting in there that it could have been used as a set for Trainspotting 3.

Speaking of disgusting, I got a second text message from that awful politician Craig Kelly. I sent a message back telling him to eff off. How is it legal for that toxic excuse for a human being to send anti-vax shite to people without their permission?

The weekend concluded with a Father’s Day Zoom call with my parents and my sister and her husband. Hopefully we get to see everyone in person for Christmas.

I have everything crossed. The eldest gets his first Pfizer jab tonight, with the youngest eagerly awaiting bookings opening for 12-15 year olds on September 13. Did I mention how outrageous I think it is that 14 and 15 year olds are eligible to work, but not to be vaccinated? Imagine how many of them are out there manning checkouts every day, risking catching COVID-19? I think it’s a major oversight by the government.

Ooops, that’s two rants in the one blog post, sorry.

How was your weekend?

Song of the day: Moving Pictures “What about me?”

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