Heading north

Blimey it was cold when I walked the dogs at 6.45am yesterday morning. Brrrrrrrrr. I spent the rest of the day at the computer with a bar heater directed on me, while also wearing a puffer jacket and ugg boots. It didn’t help much, I was still freezing.

As dusk approached, I layered up with a singlet, long-sleeved shirt and hoodie under puffer. And it wasn’t enough. So I gave in and put the central heating on. I try and avoid it because it seems so wasteful to heat a whole house when you’re only using one room. But it meant I finally stopped shivering.

Ever since DD and I got back from the Kimberley we’ve had trouble warming our bones. We were inspired by some of the passengers on the Reef Prince who told us that the retirees in the southern part of Western Australia head to Broome each year for winter.

We’re not retirees yet, but we think they’re onto something. It was 26C in Cairns yesterday, which seems far more civilised than the minimum of 6C and a maximum of 15C in my neck of the woods.

Like the whales migrating north each year, we’re dreaming about doing the same. (We’ll also start to look like whales if the Sydney lockdown doesn’t end soon.)

I will need to win the lottery first. But, as I keep telling myself, that requires actually buying lottery tickets. Pull your finger out, Alana!

I am also missing my surf splashes. It’s been a long time between cresting the waves, due to my ear infection battle earlier this year. I was pondering having a dip in my wetsuit this week, but I’ve decided it’s way too bloody cold. When the air temperature hits 19C again, I’m in!

Cold is relative. When I lived in New York, 19C felt positively balmy. We were in T-shirts and blissing out in the sun. Cold meant not being able to spend more than a few minutes outside, as even the warmest boots didn’t save your feet from the icy chill.

As I lie in bed snuggled under the doona, I’m not looking forward to throwing off the covers and facing another winter’s day. But the dogs need walking and there’s freelance work to be done. Deep breath …

Song of the day: Foreigner “Cold as ice”

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