The time has come

The time has come for me to take a break. It’s not the perfect time, but I can’t wait for that.

It’s been a difficult 12 months, filled with career upheavals, health issues and car dramas. I’m a bit worn out, so I’m disappearing off the grid for 10 days to reboot.

It’s with both excitement and mild terror that I tell you I will be without wi-fi for that time.

No. Wi-fi. For. 10. Whole. Days.

I’m not quite sure how that works with … well … work, and looking for it. But sometimes you just need to put your wellbeing first and sort everything else out later.

DD is coming with me, in fact he’s been the architect of it all. He’s starting a new job in two weeks and wants to have a proper break beforehand.

It will be interesting to see how we go without phones or the internet, since he’s been equally jacked into technology during our almost seven-year relationship.

I’m really looking forward to having him all to myself for two weeks. I feel greedy for proper time together rather than subsisting on hours snatched here and there. I’m not looking forward to 10 nights of it being in a double bed, those things are totally barbaric, but I will cope somehow.

I’m also looking forward to warming my cold, tired bones and calming my busy, busy brain.

Wish me safe travels.

Take care, I’ll miss chitter chattering to you all each day.

Stay tuned for all the glorious details when I return. Although there have also been heaps of dramas already, as per usual!

Song of the day: Karma County “Good things come to me now”

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      1. I’m glad you’ve had some space for yourself, it’s very important. ❤

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