Expecting the unexpected

I knew it wasn’t going to be an ordinary day when I walked the dogs to my local coffee shop and discovered my boyfriend waiting for a piccolo.

It was 6.45am, he lives 30 minutes away and he hadn’t stayed the night at my place … so … I was a little surprised.

He wasn’t up to no good … I’d just forgotten he had an early meeting in the city. The coffee at my local is among his favourites, so he couldn’t resist a pit stop. He even had a bag of it under his arm to take home. He was a bit freaked out when I snuck up and pinched his butt because he was in the middle of a Zoom call – saying goodbye to his workmates before leaving his job on Friday. He’s been there for 10 years, is much loved and will be very missed … of course!

Upon reflection, I could have probably done without popping up in a business meeting looking old and disheveled in a tracksuit. Check out my hot girlfriend, guys …

I had a few meetings myself yesterday – stay tuned – which concluded with a Taylors wine tasting. It was held at a swanky place called The Gallery in Sydney’s CBD to celebrate a fancy new range called the Masterstroke Collection that’s available at independent bottle shops for around $50 per bottle.

We kicked off with a lovely glass of sparkling wine. And I made sure to get a happy snap with the MD/Chief Winemaker, Mitchell Taylor. Then we were given about nine red wines to sip. Mitchell told us the back story on each one and what made them unique.

He described one as having a “eucalyptus nose”. I sniffed the glass and was stunned by the whiff of deadset eucalyptus that wafted up. I also got to try a $275 a bottle Taylors The Visionary Cabernet Sauvignon, which was – not surprisingly – very delicious.

I made lots of new friends at the event, including the most lovely ballerina who works at Gourmet Traveller Wine magazine, and caught up with a few old ones, including a bloke called Angus, aka the Wine Pilot, and Bryan, who is the communications consultant for Taylors and such a sweetheart. He’s American and hanging out for the borders to reopen so he can see his family.

On the way home I had a bit of a panic when I heard on the radio there are nine cases of COVID-19 in Melbourne now. That’s not good for anyone, including Bryan.

Then it was back to the suburban world: making nachos for the kids for dinner and catching up on a bit of work. Just before bed I got an email about a potential part-time job … keep your fingers crossed for me …

Today is a busy one again, no $275 wines, but there could be a free cocktail in my future. It’s an odd life I’m leading right now, filled with fun and uncertainty in equal measure. The universe likes to keep me on my toes, but things invariably work out in the long run. Hopefully not too long this time around …

Song of the day: UB40 “Red, red wine”

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