Such a happy place

Wasn’t the weather glorious over the weekend? Well, it was in my neck of the woods. I hope you had some sunshine around your way too.

Saturday started with a cup of peppermint tea on the front verandah of a friend’s house. She lives right beside the water and THIS is her view:

I would think I was in HEAVEN if I lived somewhere so glorious. The house is gorgeous too, a ramshackle little wooden place that’s at least a 100 years old and filled with character. She’s promised to invite me again soon, fingers crossed!

The house next door was up for sale a few years ago and I would have loved to buy it … if I had a spare few million lying round. The main pic is the view from its verandah. You’d feel like you were permanently on holidays, yet only 15 minutes from Sydney CBD.

The house was down about 100 very steep stairs and gasping my way back up again used up my entire quotient of energy for the day. I was still feeling unwell from my flu/cold/virus and that hike finished me off. I had to cancel an afternoon walk and tottered around feeling pretty sorry for myself until bedtime.

I may have also given the lurgy to the youngest. Oooops.

On the upside, I met a 12-week old schnauzer puppy on Saturday called Angel, who was wearing a nice warm pink coat while going for a walk with her new daddy.

I took a snap to show my sister because she’s a crazy schnauzer lady. Every time I go to her place she’s minding a schnauzer belonging to someone she’s befriended in the neighbourhood, in addition to her own two.

Speaking of my sister, she poured me the most fabulous glass of Nebbiolo wine over the weekend, which she’d brought back from the Adelaide Hills. I’m not usually a red fan, but it was delicious.

On the subject of delicious, DD made me a roast dinner on Sunday night – lamb, crispy potatoes, shaved brussel sprouts with bacon, gravy, the works – so gooooooood. He’s a keeper.

In other news, I got my first pair of multi-focal glasses …

I am still getting used to wearing them. They are a bit weird. I also look a bit weird in the photo, upon reflection.

OK, better get cracking on a new week. I wonder what it’s got in store for me?

Song of the day: Fiction Factory “Feels like heaven”

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