Slightly deranged

I have a full-time job that is currently only paying me in alcohol and invitations, called Drinks Digest. I spend hours working on it each day. I really love it.

But it seems slightly deranged that I do so much for so little. Passions are funny things. My focus right now is on building my readership up, then I’ll turn my attention to the commercial side of things.

After working in the drinks industry for so many years, I can talk knowledgeably about most parts of it. I know about the trends, I know who’s producing what and for whom, I’ve connected with most of the PRs and my Drinks Digest inbox is filled with releases each day.

And, much like I found it hard to leave the celebrity scene behind, I would struggle to walk away from the drinks industry.

However, in the same way that I don’t think much about what Brad Pitt is up to these days, unless his winery Miraval has a new release coming out, I expect it would be the same with the latest financial results from Campari Group if I started working in a different area.

But the dream is that Drinks Digest keeps me in Witchery clothes, pays the kids’ school fees and allows for the occasional holiday.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Yesterday was a quiet one in my world. I went to a very unpleasant Abs, Butt & Thighs class, which I clock-watched my way through in quiet desperation. Both kids stayed home from school for not very good reasons. The rain was pouring down. I tapped away at my computer. The dogs were curled up at my feet. I narrowly avoided tragedy when I noticed my drinks trolley was listing to one side due to the weight of all the booze on it.

Speaking of booze, Penny from Australian Cocktail Month sent me a pic of DD and I from the launch party. Far from my best shot, I have such a big, white face, but DD looks cute.

I was supposed to walk with a friend in Centennial Park yesterday, then go to a drinks event, but both were cancelled due to the rain.

I avoided carbs and sugar fairly successfully, although not entirely, in my quest to solve my ongoing health issues. I may have eaten a piece of the expensive ravioli I bought for the youngest after she ranted about it tasting awful …

I can’t work out what’s setting me off – what was it that laid me low last Saturday and Sunday? I was sure all the Asian goodness that I ate and drank at the Johnnie Walker function this week would have been a problem, but I wasn’t too bad yesterday. It’s a mystery, wrapped in an enigma.

In an attempt to get my diet back on track, I cooked a tray of roasted veggies with meat on a stick for dinner last night. But I didn’t have much of an appetite for the spread once it was in front of me and struggled my way through it.

Another mum brought the girls home from skipping, which meant I could wear my furry thong slippers after the working day finished, with a glass of chardy in hand.

I checked news websites for COVID updates and sighed as the New Zealand travel bubble burst.

And now it’s Friday. Tomorrow is a big one for HouseGoesHome: the State Skipping Championships. The youngest has damaged a tendon in her wrist, which is a bit of a bugger. Ideally she would be resting it, but instead she will be dosed up on painkillers and flipping around in hopes of a medal. The irresponsible things you do to be a competitive skipper.

I will be working on the T-shirt stand. I’m still too scared to used the hot press, so I’m hoping I can just fluff and fold.

Keep your fingers crossed on those fronts as well.

Catch you Monday with all the gory details. Have a good weekend.

Song of the day: Ed Kuepper “I wish you were here”

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