Into the sunset

It’s funny how you get used to feeling sick. I’m filled with delight when I wake up each morning and energised about the day ahead.

It’s been a bit of a struggle over the past few months.

I finally got back to the gym yesterday, after many weeks away. I went to a butt, abs and thighs class and have another one booked for later in the week, plus a Pump session. Go me!

Meanwhile, DD spent his Monday morning kayaking with The Warrior and his work-out mates (above). DD has become quite the fitness fanatic over the past few years and also went on a 50km bike ride with his mates on Easter Sunday morning.

Can’t think of anything worse myself – my nethers do not cope well with the rigors of bike seats. But each to their own. DD is vowing to write a blog post about middle-aged men in lycra, so stay tuned.

You may have heard me mention The Warrior before – he’s a famous personal trainer on the Northern Beaches who has become a big part of DD’s life.

DD trains with The Warrior a couple of times a week, doing everything from kayaking to workouts in The Warrior’s outdoor gym, which is called Muscle Beach.

The sessions have provided DD with both camaraderie and fitness training and The Warrior has become a good mate along the way. DD often helps him fix his broken equipment, provides medical advice and was one of the driving forces behind a legendary Christmas workout that included a live band.

You can read more about DD and The Warrior by clicking here.

Aside from us both working out, Easter Monday was another day of warm, relaxed fun.

DD and I caught a late ferry to Ettalong so we could return across the water as the sun set. We grabbed a seat at the bar for a bevvy before the trip and I slurped an Aperol Spritz. We love a ferry ride with a bonus sunset. I took fifty million snaps and got a little teary about all the beauty around me.

Afterwards DD made me steak with prawns and peppercorn sauce. Yum! And now my little mini-Easter break is over and it’s time to think about what’s next. After about six months of contracting I’m thinking something more permanent would be nice. Being sick as a contractor isn’t much fun because if you don’t go to work, you don’t get paid. I think going to work every day – despite my birthday when I just couldn’t struggle in – may have contributed to my illness dragging on for so long. A few days in bed and more time to get to the bottom of what was troubling me could have been a big help. Who knows?

In the meantime, I am loving writing for my Drinks Digest website and am making lots of new contacts along the way.

I’m also driving DD nuts with ideas for small businesses. He used to own a pharmacy so he knows all the ins and outs and ups and downs. I’m not sure how keen he is to go down that path again. But I’m an ideas person, my brain is like a pinball machine that’s constantly playing. I’m already choosing the wallpaper …

Anyways, catch you tomorrow. Take care.

Song of the day: The Beatles “Here comes the sun”

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