Virtually visible

Things have been very quiet on the drinks events front over the past few months, what with there being a pandemic and all.

It’s been a nice break from being the oldest person in the room … and subsequently the first to leave.

Being constantly at home means there’s been no need to wear a bra or mascara.

But that’s all about to change, because the PRs are getting very excited about virtual events.

I was cool with the idea at first, because I thought it would be like webinars, where you just watch and listen to the person giving the presentation. But I’ve been sent various materials during the week for my first virtual event, the launch of Arboralis, the latest whisky to join The Glen Grant’s portfolio, and I’ve been getting progressively nervous.

FA6EA52E-B7F0-487A-A546-AFAB0DE4D5D7It was exciting when a bag arrived containing various cheeses and dried fruits to accompany the whisky.

740ABEC0-C742-4A01-B661-75BA09FB5D26Then a young lass delivered a pot plant to my door to evoke the greenery of Scotland. The youngest immediately confiscated it for her new bedroom.

And then I got the details for the Zoom event itself, including backgrounds for me to download because Dennis Malcolm, Master Distiller at The Glen Grant, and Robin Coupar, Global Whisky Advocate, Campari, are “looking forward to seeing you!”

Jaysus, I’d better dig out some blusher, then.

I’m presuming that’s what all the virtual events will be like, so there go the trackie daks.

Next week I’m invited to an afternoon of Spritz Tasting and Cocktail Making with Batch & Co. Hosted by mixologist Thomas Kiltorp, the virtual event is designed to help me learn more about the brand as I “create the perfect spritzes and cocktails from home”.


I was going to skip that one, but I happened to mention my reluctance to the youngest as we were walking the dogs at dusk last night and she was super keen for me to be involved, as she’s enjoying all the deliveries.

I’m a little worried I’m instilling inappropriate values in my child, but hey.

And on May 27 I’m invited to the VIP launch of the highest rated American Single Malt – Westward Whiskey’s new Stout Cask. That one’s being presented by the head distiller of Westward, Miles Munroe. Better crack out the lippie again.

Not that it will do very much good, because I’ve seen how I look in the Microsoft virtual staff meetings – which I’ve been putting on the make-up for – and it ain’t pretty.

Pretending I’m sitting in the Scottish highlands ain’t gonna change that.

Song of the day: Cyndi Lauper “True Colours”

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