So freaking late

I was really, really, really late for work yesterday. I finally bolted through the office door at noon. Noon!

The youngest needed to go to the orthodontist at 9am and the dermatologist at 10am. The dermatologist was running late, then injected anaesthetic into the youngest’s hand for a procedure, then we had to sit in the waiting room while it took effect, then she had to have the procedure, then it was 11.30am and there didn’t seem much point in putting her on the bus for the long ride to school, so I dropped her home – well, close to home as I was running so freaking late.

The youngest now has a bandaged right hand and is unable to do sport – or much else – for a week, which is a bit of a blow as it’s her first sports academy session at her new school this morning.

Mondays are normally my ex’s responsibility, but I swapped days with him so I could go to Red Hot Summer. He’s  not off totally scott free – he’s losing half his Saturday to a specialist appointment in Woop Woop for the eldest.

Anyways, after work, I hooned home to feed the youngest dinner – very yummy wagyu snags, onion gravy and mash – unpack and repack the dishwasher, put on a load of washing and dash to a skipping committee meeting for 90 minutes.

I was the first to leave the meeting. They were still agonizing over fee hikes and fundraising when I left at 9pm.

Fortunately, the meeting was held at a pub, so there was wine, but it gave me heartburn after all the fried food I inhaled over the weekend. I decided not to let that stop me and poured myself another half glass.

I was very tired when I got home.

But there were still eye drops to be administered and eczema cream to be delicately applied to the youngest’s eyelids with a cotton bud.

Another mum in the trenches texted me yesterday to say she was “sick of worry and work and cooking and cleaning and more work”.

I felt her pain.

I’m not sick of the kids, but I’m a bit over the worry and work and other stuff.

We also doscussed what a bitch it is being 50ish: the crankiness, the boob vagaries, the anxiety and the sleeplessness.

I am being very dull. Sorry. Maybe that’s a 50ish thing too?

Something crazy is guaranteed to happen soon and I will regale you with the funny details.

In the meantime, I’m kicking off the day way too early after the youngest tripped over her shoe on the way to the bathroom at 5am.


Can I go back to Newcastle Beach, please?

Song of the day: Hunters & Collectors “Everything’s on fire”






2 thoughts on “So freaking late

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  1. Yum! Wagyu beef sausages, onion gravy and mash!! Yes, please!
    Hope Ava is better soon and can get stuck into her new sports routine.
    As for you, I hope things settles down when we all get back to a normal pattern of life.
    Just remember to breathe…

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