I forgot something

I’ve been a little remiss.

You’d think not having your kids around for 18 days would mean you’d get so much done, but it went by so fast.

In between the National Rope Skipping Competition, getting the kids ready for their overseas trip, heading to Perth, having our flight home cancelled, working five days a week, donning the hazmat gear to clean out the eldest’s room, sneaking off for a mini-break at DD’s for the night and making homecoming pots of spag bol and it flew by in the blink of an eye.

And I didn’t get a chance to thank – via the blog – the photographer friend I enticed to Nationals, Kirsten Delaney.

Kirsten gave up three days of her life to snap thousands of shots of the competitors in action.

It was a BIG ask, possibly too big. I’ve been riddled with guilt ever since. If there was a World Championships for guilt I’d be a Gold medallist.

But I’m selfishly pleased with the results, as there were some bloody awesome shots of Team Teal. I’ve bought 14 of them, which will form the foundation of a skipping album that I’m going to foist on various relatives for Christmas.

Here are a few of the snaps I love. Can you guess why they call the move in the final one a “suicide”?

Thank you again Kirsten, it was incredibly kind of you to be involved.

Song of the day: Natalie Merchant “Kind & generous”




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