Just a teaser

I jinxed myself when I said I’d be back on Wednesday.

Life threw one of its curve balls my way in the form of a cancelled flight.

DD and I just spent the long weekend in Western Australia to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

But our return flight was cancelled due to engine problems, which meant we had to head back to the city for another night.

Cue a frantic call to my sister to take care of the doggies.

Thanks sis! She offered to let the fur babies stay at her place, but I reminded her that last time they visited we looked over to see Charlie standing on her lounge cocking his leg. She agreed it was probably best to just FIFO them until I arrive home tonight.

In happier news …Wow, five years!

DD had a board meeting in Perth on Monday, so we decided to make the most of his free flight and hotel room.

I forget the exact date of our anniversary, but it was sometime in October 2014 that our paths fatefully crossed on a dating website.

When DD’s friends expressed surprise last week that it has been five years he told them that time flies when you’re having fun.


It’s true, we’ve had a lot of fun. And a few dramas, but I mainly remember the fun.

This weekend has been no different.

It’s also been well timed to take my mind off my ex and the kids being in New York to celebrate the 10th anniversary of us living in the Big Apple.

I’ve been a teensy bit sad to miss out on revisiting the familiar sights and catching up with our old friends.


Though we never went rollerskating in Brooklyn! Go Pook!

DD has been very good at taking my mind off things.

We’ve done lots of bulk fun things.

I’ll tell you all about our adventures tomorrow when I’ve had a little more sleep.



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