More teasing

I’m not in the right headspace to tell you about my anniversary weekend just yet.

I’m still dealing with the way it ended.

We finally arrived home last night, I kissed DD goodbye and raced inside to get cracking on some work, as I was running two days behind schedule.

But my internet had carked it again, which meant I spent the night talking to various IiNet call centre employees while eating cheese and crackers from the plane for dinner.

And now I’m about to dash to work at sparrow’s fart so I can scramble to put together eight drinks stories for this week’s electronic direct mail, which needs to be scheduled by tonight.

Iinet has no freaking idea what’s wrong with my internet, so they need to send a technician out. I am not thinking this will happen quickly.

It was also a bit blah that our lovely mini-break ended unromatically at a bland airport motel beside the highway.

When our flight was cancelled I thought oooooh, cocktails at a rooftop bar in the city!

I was a little naive about how cancelled flights work.


The reality was endless queuing, dinner vouchers for steak and chips at the Hotel Ingot and few enormous glasses of $8 wine beside its electric blue pool, as panicked staff struggling to handle hundreds of unexpected guests.

After dinner, DD lightly snored beside me on the bed while I watched Bride & Prejudice on the tellie.


It wasn’t romantic. Especially B&P, which bordered on disturbing.

Hopefully I’ll get to tell you all the unicorns and rainbows stuff tomorrow … mood, wifi and time willing.



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