Time for a reboot

I’m plum tuckered out.

The last few months have been huge, so I’ve decided to take a break from my normal life.

I need some time off from the stress and sleeplessness. If I wake one more time at 4.30am I will SCREAM … or collapse from exhaustion.

I’ll be back blogging next Wednesday – I figure the long weekend is a great chance to unwind, especially with the kids overseas.

It sounds like they’ve had a pretty rocky start to the trip. They left for the airport around 7am on Wednesday morning, their flight was delayed in Auckland and then I got a message from the youngest around lunchtime on Thursday saying their next flight had been cancelled in San Francisco. They’d been sitting on the plane for an hour when it was announced there was a mechanical problem and they’d have to get back off again. By that point they’d been travelling for 36 hours. Shudder.

Fingers crossed that’s not the scenario when we head to Ottawa next year for the World Skipping Championships.

If it’s a long weekend in your part of the world, I hope you have a fabulous one.

I can’t wait to share all my news with you when I get back on line.

Oh, before I go, here are some of the official photos from that Hendrick’s Gin event I attended on Wednesday night. I think it might be the most gorgeous one I’ve been invited to all year.

The new small-batch, limited-edition gin – the first innovation in Australia since launching its flagship gin over 20 years ago – is a floral incarnation of the original Hendrick’s Gin recipe.

To celebrate the launch of Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice, the brand has transformed Sydney’s iconic pub the Paddo Inn with a one-of-its-kind takeover.

The takeover sees Paddo Inn renamed as (G)inn with the venue artfully transformed by local flower artist, Dr Lisa Cooper, as a tribute to the sensory powers of the Midsummer Solstice and secret selection of floral essences.

Two thumbs up from me – bulk fun.

Song of the day: Village People “Go west”


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