The penny drops

Geez it’s a long way to Byron Bay, but we finally made it.

We turned the key on one of the many, many locks at our temporary new home late yesterday afternoon.

I spent 500 million hours listening to the youngest’s favourite music in the car on the way. It was a novelty at first, as I had no idea she had her own musical taste – she’s never played anything publicly.

It turns out she has an extensively collection of tunes on her phone, including some by Billy Eilish. The youngest thought it was hilarious that I’ve never heard of Billy, who has apparently had 50 million views on YouTube and who the youngest would apparently quite love to see live.

Billy is only around 17 and writes songs about belly aches and wishing people were gay.

Billy was probably the best of the bunch, who seemed the modern equivalent to “easy listening” and weren’t my favourite.   But they gave me hope the youngest will enjoy Bluesfest and performers such as Norah Jones.

During the drive the penny dropped for the youngest about Bluesfest. She said: “Oh! Is it like Coachella?”

Coachella is a trendy music festival in the US that the celebrities love.

The youngest became super excited when I confirmed it was kinda like Coachella and started showing me pics of YouTube stars she follows who are currently at Coachella, including a bloke in chaps and a g-string.


She suddenly became obsessed with what she was going to wear to Bluesfest – for Instagram purposes – and suggested that a mini skirt and fishnets might go well with the gumboots I’m making her wear.


Ah, no. That won’t be happening. Can you imagine?

I’ve also bought us cheap spray jacket hoodies. She was skeptical,  but when she saw them said “I can work with that”.

And so today will be spent workshopping her Bluesfest wardrobe and searching for a hot pink crop top to finish it off.

It could be a bit soggy.

It was sunny and blue skies when we arrived,  but the rain gouted down overnight.

We’ve woken to a cloudy sunrise. The youngest is making pancakes for brekkie then we’re off to check out the beach across the road before we shop.

The eldest is at Central Station awaiting an 11-hour train trip.

I’ll drive an hour to pick them up tonight. Yay! More driving!

And then the full family holiday experience begins.

Have a great Easter!

Song of the day: Billy Eilish “Belly ache”




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