Driving into the storm

I got loads of gift vouchers for my birthday, but I haven’t spent yet because a) I haven’t had enough time and b) I’m too fat.

I’ve been thinking it would be awesome if you could buy weight loss with gift vouchers. I don’t mean using them to sign up for Jenny Craig, I’m talking about handing over $100 in Westfield vouchers and getting 1kg automatically removed from your body weight at the concierge desk.

That’s probably irresponsible – the right thing to do is eat sensibly and exercise a lot. But that is sooooo hard. I think I’d rather pay $50 a kilo for an automatic fix.

It’s particularly difficult to eat sensibly at the moment, as DD has rediscovered his love of baking: brownies, lemon slice, raspberry lemonade scones, chocolate cake …

His scientific background means he’s very meticulous, so it’s all insanely delicious but very not good for me because I can’t stop eating it.

I’m not looking forward to parading around in a swimsuit over the holidays.

I’m driving to Lennox Head today with the youngest; the eldest will follow on the XPT in a few days time with a friend.

We’re relaxing and swimming and shopping and going to Bluesfest. Although I had a bit of a panic about the relaxing part when I realised the description of the townhouse I’ve rented didn’t mention wi-fi. The youngest is freaking out because she MUST CONTINUE HER STREAKS on Snapchat.

I do not understand streaks, they sound weird and pointless.

I checked and there is definitely no wi-fi. I’m too scared to tell the kids.

The youngest is also freaking out about having to wear gumboots at Bluesfest (as it’s predicted to rain the entire time we’re away. Sob!).

The youngest is unfamiliar with imagery of Kate Moss at Glastonbury and therefore does not realise that gumboots can be cool. She thinks they are the height of daggy.

So I explained about all the muddy puddles and the port-a-loos … which also set her off: “What do you mean I have to use port-a-loos??? Why???”

I am thinking she is not a music festival kind of gal. I hope the eldest enjoys it, as their taste has swung heavily towards punk in recent months to match their studded belt, shaved bits of head and permanent safety pin through their ear.

They’ve also been attending punk music gigs featuring elderly original punks in the audience who are too old to mosh but enjoy watching the young ‘uns get their thrashing on.

It must be quite the fly-on-the-wall sight.

About the closest we will get to punk at Bluesfest is Iggy Pop on the Friday night. I’m not sure Norah Jones and Jack Johnson are going to cut it.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

Actually, I’ve told the kids it’s the last family holiday I’m organising after all the whingeing they’ve done over the past few months about it. You’d swear I was making them walk the Kokoda Trail instead of spending a week at the beach and going to a music festival.

As for blogging, it may be intermittent. See ya!

Song of the day: Eurythmics “Here comes the rain again”

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