I drink and I know things

I went carousing with my brother-in-law this week to say thank you for for all the help he gives his wife’s poor sister.

He’s a whisky fan, so when an invitation arrived to a Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection tasting event at a viking restaurant called Mjølner, I thought it sounded like the perfect adventure.

I was right – it was SO COOL. On arrival, a costumed waiter offered us a warm mulled house cider with Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold, served in wooden mugs.

Guests were then free to roam the restaurant tasting the limited edition collection, which features seven Scotch whiskies paired with six of the iconic Houses of Westeros from Game of Thrones, as well as the Night’s Watch.

(I’ve only seen the first series and my brother in law has seen nada, but that didn’t interfere with the excitement.)

The Norse-inspired restaurant matched the Game of Thrones Single Malt Whisky Collection with a selection of artisanal charcuterie and cheeses, plus oysters and other delicious nibbles.

We tried all the treats, even a shudder-inducing marrow “brûlée” stuff mixed with chocolate and served in bones. I had a few psychological issues with digging a spoon into a bone marrow chocolate-mousse-like substance and putting it in my mouth. Even thinking about it now makes me go all funny.

Adrian loved sipping the whiskies neat, with his favourite being the Night’s Watch, which is Oban Little Bay Reserve.

In addition to the whiskies, there were cocktails, which were more my speed. I tried – but didn’t manage to finish – a Lion of Lannister (Lagavulin 9-year-old, amontillado sherry, caramelised banana syrup and chocolate bitters) and a Highgarden Fizz (White Walker by Johnnie Walker, jasmine syrup, strawberry verjus and yuzu soda).

We also met a couple of lovely journalists – Theresa from Chicago and Orlaith from Galway. They were so nice and not at all bothered to be talking to middle-aged people. Somehow they’d even heard of CLEO and Woman’s Day magazines, which made me feel like less of a dinosaur.

They work for a mob called theplusones.com/sydney, who explain themselves on their very funky website like this: “The Plus Ones is a global entertainment publication and magazine with one single goal – to showcase Earth’s best experiences. Be it the arts, music, parties, festivals, fashion or anything in between, we are purveyors of FOMO.”

All-in-all, we had a bulk fun time.

I even dreamed about the tasting later that night – I went back to continue partying and was shocked to discover my sister there. When they finally kicked us out we couldn’t find a cab home and ended up having to sleep at a strange old woman’s house. The next morning when I tried to go to work there were roadblocks everywhere and emergency workers holding up warning signs about a zombie plague sweeping the suburb …

I’m blaming it on the chocolate marrow.

Here are some pics from our night out (with captions if you click on them) …

Song of the day: Level 42 “Running in the family”

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