I have to stop

I was bobbing blissfully in the sea at 6.30am yesterday morning. It was so glorious that I declared I’d be making weekly pilgrimages for pre-work swims.

At 7am, I hopped in the car to head home for a shower before work.

At 9am, I finally walked through my front door.

That’s TWO FREAKING HOURS to drive 26km. The traffic was completely gridlocked on the approach to the new Northern Beaches Hospital. They’ve totally farked the Wakehurst Parkway/Warringah Rd intersection.

It took 30 minutes to make the reverse journey the night before.

Blardy hell.

I’ve realised weekly pilgrimages for pre-work swims are not practical. No matter how lovely they are. Sob.

(Weekends are out because DD works out with the Warrior first thing Saturday and I Pump first thing Sunday.)

Ohhhhh, but my swim yesterday was sooooooo wonderful. The water is very calm and clear at that time of the day. And the experience is enhanced by sipping coffee on the headland, watching the sun rise.

I mean look at it …

But … how people commute to the city every day from the Northern Beaches is completely beyond me. The traffic is loco.

The youngest was deeply unimpressed with my tardiness. She’d been cooling her heels at my house after her dad dropped her off with her weekend-at-his-house accoutrements. She’d been expecting a lift to school with me on my return.

I had to regretfully inform her that she’d need to walk in the rapidly rising heat in her not-broken-in-yet school shoes.

I was not popular.

I arrived home last night with an armload of grapes and berries and gelato from the local fruit and veg shop as a peace offering.

It was very hot at my house last night. I wanted to be back at the beach.

Instead, I gave the eldest advice on cover sheets for their tattoo design portfolio, as they’re off in search of an apprenticeship today. Example of rose tattoo below (most of the other designs featured severed limbs, so I decided to spare you the trauma) …

Not my ideal career choice for my child, but I figure moaning and bitching about it just makes teenagers more determined.

Did I mention I want to be back at the beach?

Bloody traffic.

Song of the day: New Order “Temptation”


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  1. It took me over half an hour to drive from the uni to the surfhouse yesterday at 8.15. I coukdnt believe the newy traffic – usually takes like 10 mins…
    I have no idea how u deal with sydney traffic

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