Practising self care

I have been a fairly absent parent over the school holidays. All work, very little play.

Fortunately my ex came through with an Australia Day long weekend for the kids at Berowra Waters. So at least they ended the hols with a hurrah.

I feel bad about them having such a mundane school break … oh, along with 50 million other things. I excel at feeling bad about stuff, it is one of my most accomplished life skills.

On that score, yesterday was not my favourite – it messed with my zen. So I decided a little self-care was in order.

I worked through lunch, then raced home to get my cossie and headed north with the youngest for an ocean swim.

The youngest loved it. Had a bulk fun freaking ace time.

So did Mum.

Afterwards we scarfed pizza in the breeze before heading back to the oven we call home.

But there was still fun to be had. While the youngest completed some online skipping instructor training, I read Fashion Critical’s verdict on the SAG awards and cackled myself silly to lines about Emily Blunt – “FALLOPIAN TUBE MISSING IN OPERATING THEATRE ONE” – and some other “celebrity” I didn’t recognise – “This dress will give you wings, they said. You’ll love it, they said. Nobody will laugh, they said. Don’t catch the bus, you’ll be fine, they said”.





Fashion Critical is a genius. Five stars. I needed that laugh.

I can’t quite believe the school holidays are over. Where did they go? And how did my youngest child spend so much of them in bed watching YouTube videos?

Very slack single mothering.

I will make up for it next school holidays, I promise. I have PLANS.

There are jolly memes on Facebook about how deliriously delighted mothers are that their children are back at school.

Me not so much. It’s been so relaxed only having to worry about getting myself out of the house in the mornings. I’ve even had time to walk the dogs. Their muscles can go back to atrophying again now.

Have I mentioned that pets are a bad idea when you’re a single mum? A very, very bad idea.

You really don’t need the extra responsibility.

Though I’m quite addicted to how the itty bitty moxie loves being carried around like a baby. My children came out of the womb at his weight and rapidly stacked it on. Carrying them became exhausting very quickly.

Oh, and then there’s the sweet way the fur babies are so excited to see me, even if I’ve just popped out to put the recycling in the bin. Bless.

Anyways, I digress. Good luck surviving the horrendous heat they’re predicting today.

Song of the day: Martha & The Muffins “Echo Beach”



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