Middle-aged love

Forget bouquets of flowers … I was touched on Sunday night when DD delivered a packet of Gaviscon to my bedside table.

A bunch of roses ain’t gonna ease my middle-aged reflux.

(Although I’ve since been told by fellow middle aged lovers that Nexium is the ultimate romantic reflux gesture.)

Yesterday morning, I drove to DD’s place for an early swim. We don’t usually get the chance for those because he does a Warrior workout every Saturday morning and I do a pump session every Sunday morning. So a kid-free public holiday was a bit of a gift.

The weather looked pretty dodgy as I drove there, but I was determined to get some salt water in my day. I stopped at a coffee shop DD likes on my way through to get him a strong flat white.

DD was still asleep when I arrived at his place, so I texted to say I had coffee waiting on the deck and settled myself into a chair.

After he groggily sipped his caffeine, we hit the beach and it was wonderful. The waves were a bit higher than Saturday, so DD lifted me over the big ones.

There’s another bit of middle-aged love in action – I feel so safe in the water with him.

Eventually, I headed to the shore so he could do some boogie boarding, then he enticed me in for another dip.

It was bliss.



Look closely and you’ll see him walking into the waves with the board under his arm. His calves, they slay me, as does the kid with their arms in the air … in very different ways …

Sadly, that glorious swim was a distant memory by the time I returned to the real world, did my grocery shopping and unpacked it in my sauna-like suburban house.

I yearn to live a beach side life. One day …

My kiddos meanwhile have spent the weekend at Berowra Waters at a fabulous place overlooking the Hawksbury River. My ex has been sending me entertaining pics of the eldest studiously driving a boat and the youngest studiously showing off her abs in various cropped tops.

I will get one or two of them back in my arms tonight. You can never tell with teenagers on school holidays, they’re a tough lot to pin down. Amazing social lives.

Not that mine has been too shabby this weekend. Last night I rounded things off by popping into my sister’s for a glass of prosecco and truffled potato crisps, then segued to my friend Sam’s for a glass of semillon and Doritos.

Reaching for that Gaviscon …

Aaaaand, now it’s back to the real world: the day after the Australia Day public holiday, when the Aussie business year officially begins …

Hope you had a fab long weekend.

Song of the day: Nazareth “Love hurts” (heavens, I don’t recall it being quite so shrill …)




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