Better be home soon

I’m not sad to see this week over. It’s been a bit of a shocker.

Two of the eldest’s friends – together with a younger sister – ran away from home.

Many stressful phone calls from the police and parents have filled the last four days.

It has been the opposite of fun.

Two of the kids have been found, but one is still missing.

It makes you think – and worry – hard about your relationship with your own children … and hope they’ll never, ever want to run away.

Being on the streets at 13 is a pretty grim choice to make.

The eldest has been terribly upset about the missing friends, which has been hard to deal with too. You don’t like to see your kid so distressed.

Adding to the sadness, we also lost our school zebra crossing angel, Rose, who had been manning the spot for 40 years. She died suddenly, leaving our entire suburb in mourning. Floral tributes are overflowing beside the road. I got a bit teary as I drove past them last night.

The kids were rattled by that too. Rose had been ushering them safely across the street since they were in kindy.

So there has been a lot of hugging in the Household this week. The kids even helped me walk the dogs the other night – whoa – in the fading evening light. I don’t remember the last time all three of us did that, maybe never.

But we’re feeling a little vulnerable right now and in need of comfort.

I’ve booked tickets to IMAX on Saturday night to cheer us up. We’re going to see Bohemian Rhapsody and I’ve promised to order startlingly expensive slider burgers to eat in our seats.

A rousing rendition of We Will Rock will shake the cobwebs away.

I also raised a glass to resilience last night at The Drinks Association’s annual Chairman’s Drinks. It was held at Luna Park, with the most glorious view of the Sydney Opera House.

I feel very 50 at the moment – so you’ll have to make do with a selfie of my wine. I spent the night resolutely behind the camera.

Bring on the weekend! I hope you have a fun one planned.

Song of the day: Dream “Things can only get better”



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