Eating chips in an igloo

I ate hot chips in an igloo last night … as you do.

Actually, you usually don’t, but my life tends to have a slightly surreal quality to it. So I did.

I can sense you thinking please explain … so I will.

DD took me to a function that his corporate travel agency – Eden Travel Corporation – held at Pier One, which is now a fancy hotel beside the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

DD does so much corporate travel and spends so much time on the phone with owner Andrew organising it that they’ve become mates  – he even came to our joint 50th earlier this year.

During winter, Pier One erects igloos along the harbourside. One of them even has a spa in it.

We weren’t in that one. Not very corporate. At least, not in 2018. We were in the one with sparkling wine and french fries and oysters and fish tacos.

Lucky us!

I wore a big wool coat because I thought it might be cold in the igloo. But there was a fireplace, so it was very toasty.

I sipped a few glasses of Domain Chandon by the fire to try and erase my jury duty angst.

It kinda worked.

Not a bad way to spend a Thursday evening.

Here are some happy snaps:

Have an ace weekend.

Song of the day: Vanilla Ice “Ice ice baby”

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