Pipped at the post

The youngest had THE most awesome time at the 2018 Australian Rope Skipping Championships, but she was feral with exhaustion when she finally got home last night.

Grouchy as!

So I couldn’t get much out of her, other than that her elbow and her knee and virtually everything in between was really hurting.

I think the highlight was getting her Australia tracksuit, which has her name embroidered on the jacket. But she’s peeved about the pants – the sizing was wrong and they just fit her. They were meant to be worn with pride for years.

Although, she was pretty pleased that she convinced her dad to sleep in the single bed in their Canberra motel room, while she luxuriated in the queen.


As for medals, well it was a tough one. Team Teal have just turned 12, which kicked them up into an older age group and they were narrowly trounced in both three and four person Double Dutch by a team of 14 year olds.

Team Teal’s routines were virtually error free, but the Queenslanders’ routine included more technically difficult elements.

So it was three Silver medals. Still, go Team Teal!

The first of the Silver medals came through on Sunday night for Double Dutch speed, with a score 50 above their personal best. Woot!

The kids looked very pleased with themselves on the podium.

Then two Double Dutch routine medals were awarded yesterday arvo, along with a handful of Bronze.

The four person Double Dutch routine was on youTube briefly, but I had to take it down because their coach doesn’t want the Russians stealing their routine for Shanghai … or something … I made up the bit about the Russians … but I got a garbled text message about keeping the routine private till post-Worlds.

I was so proud of how the kids performed in those routines that I may have done a bit of weeping during the ill-fated upload to YouTube.

Here are a couple of stills from it:

My ex and the other mums sent me lots of videos and photos from the weekend, but I felt a bit sad not being there for the big moments.

I slid into a minor funk yesterday about that and various other life-is-fricking-challenging moments – including the eldest mucking around with friends and getting a stupendous black eye that may result in the school calling DOCS on me.

It built up to teary meltdown point yesterday afternoon.

DD made me a cup of peppermint tea while I had a wail on his couch about it all.

He’s a bit tough love when it comes to self pity and gave me a lecture on taking better care of my emotional health.

There was a cuddle at the end, so I felt a little better as I drove home under a backdrop of glorious sunset clouds.

It was so lovely to see the sun out at last.

But I’m missing it being warm enough for ocean dips. Those really hit the spot when I’m stressed.

As for the youngest … there’s no rest for the wicked (or injured). Skipping training is on as per usual this afternoon … only six weeks until Worlds!

How was your long weekend?

PS I made the mistake of Googling “lost by a nose” while looking for a photo to illustrate this blog post. Never, ever Google “lost by a nose” unless you want to give yourself permanent mental scarring. Pipped at the post is waaaaaaaaaay less confronting.

Song of the day: Hot Chocolate “Everyone’s a winner”

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