Drooling over royal rumps and panko prawns

There are certain skills that my brain refuses to master.

It’s not an old age thing.

As a kid I was petrified by record players and completely incapable of putting a needle on a record. Cassette tapes were my best friend.

Fast forward 40 years and it’s a much longer list: setting house/office alarms, changing car tyres, using Netflix and whatever that SBS thing is that would have let me watch The Handmaid’s Tale …

I have no bloody idea how to use Netflix or any desire to learn. But I’ve been dying to watch a TV series on it called The Crown, so I bought it for myself on DVD instead for Christmas.

I’m so old school!

And I’ve since watched the first four episodes.

I am very behind the times on how fabulous The Crown is … but I am giddily in love.

It’s like Downton Abbey except with Doctor Who in it! (Make that naked Doctor Who!)

I have a bit of a crush on Matt Smith so I’m in heaven that he’s Prince Phillip, though also slightly conflicted that he makes Prince Phillip seem so nice … well, at least in the first few episodes, I’ve heard he isn’t so nice later on …

Anyways, I’m totally fascinated by it, which makes a lovely diversion when the eldest is too busy playing The Sims to watch The X-Files with me and the youngest is in her room binge-watching The Gilmour Girls.

The Crown is so regal and slow and grand and historical and addictive. The coronation episode was insanely good. I was transfixed by the complex emotions and gender issues at play when Philip was required to kneel for his Queen. And that bit where the exiled King cried as he played the bagpipes … oh my …

Just so we don’t spend their entire holidays on devices, I’ve also dragged the kids to the beach a few times. While they’re reluctant in advance, they have a fabulous time once they’re in the water. The youngest didn’t want to leave on Monday arvo, she was very put out when I said it was time to go because we were due at Aunty Kathryn’s house for dinner.

None of us are big fans of the beach in the heat of the day – what is with people who want to lie around sweating in the sun? And don’t get me started on the hell of getting a park.

So we make our way there around 4.30pm, glide into a car spot and wander onto the sand after the sting of the sun is gone.

It’s glorious. The eldest heads off into deep water to wrestle with nature, while the youngest and I stick to the middle ground to jump in the waves. The youngest would go out deeper but her mum can’t swim …. add that to the list of skills my brain refuses to master.

At the opposite end of the poshness of The Crown, I have a beachy recipe for you!

It’s an easy one too!

RECIPE: Garlic crumbed prawns with Cajun wedges

5-6 potatoes, cut into wedges

Cajun spice mix

Rice bran oil

1 pkt of garlic prawns (Woolies self-serve fresh seafood section)

I egg, beaten

Panko breadcrumbs

METHOD: Toss the potato wedges lightly in oil and Cajun seasoning. Place on a sheet of baking paper on a tray in the oven and cook for around 30 mins at 200C until golden.

Drain prawns, dip in egg, roll in breadcrumbs and pan fry until golden. Sprinkle salt over the lot and serve with tartare sauce.


Song of the day: Lorde “Royals”


6 thoughts on “Drooling over royal rumps and panko prawns

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  1. I was scared of record players too! Probably because my father would yell at me every time I broke a needle. I was also scared of lighting matches. I still am.
    I enjoyed The Crown but there was a nagging feeling the whole time I was watching it that I know the story and how it ends…
    I might watch Handmaid’s Tale again. Thanks for reminding me.

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