Not again!

The eldest and I have been repeatedly recovering and succumbing to some weird virus thing for weeks now.

Yesterday afternoon I felt it coming on for the third freaking time in a month. Sore throat, sniffles, lethargy …

I need to take better care of myself. Too much rushing. Too much stressing. Too little sleep.

Bring on the Christmas break!

I was knackered as I helped out on the bake stall last night at the high school end-of-year concert. There was sooooooo much food and soooooooo few parents to buy it. When I mentioned the lack of audience to one of the volunteers she muttered “that’s high school for you”. It’s a bit sad that your mum and dad don’t turn up to stuff once you’re a teenager. Well, lots of them did, but it didn’t seem nearly enough for the number of kids performing.

Anyways, my reindeer cupcakes weren’t a hit. They didn’t make it out of the kitchen for the first wave of customers and when they finally got to the table for interval everyone was pretty much sugared out.


The ex got bored sitting by himself, so he came down the back for a gossip during the first half. We covered everything from the identity of the drink driver local mum – I think I’d have to sell up and move to Woop Woop – to whether he should come over Christmas morning for present opening, to if it was OK for him to take the kids to Noosa for a holiday in January, to our mutual adoration of our offspring.

That livened me up a little. Always love a bit of an adore. Especially when it’s followed by getting love emojis on my phone from the youngest as she toddled off to bed … with the added bonus of discovering while surreptitiously checking Facebook that Prince Harry is engaged. Ooooh!

Two and a half hours into the concert I slid down to the floor for a bit of a rest and tried not to think about all the stuff that still needed doing at home.

Of course the eldest was in the finale – two fabulous numbers by the jazz band – so I had to stay until the end. Then I slunk out without manning the $1 for all-you-can-eat-to clear-the-cake-table buffet or helping tidy up. The guilt was strong, but the body was weak.

I’m hoping this latest illness is brief because I don’t have time to be sick.

OK, it’s Groundhog Day, gotta get out of bed and go.

Has your family been battling spring viruses?

Song of the day: Sony & Cher “The beat goes on”



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  1. After a weekend at a pool, avoiding, as much as possible, being on pool deck & instead outside, my face ached all the way home on Sunday nite & Iv had 2 days of sinus that I don’t have the time for…
    Hope u get better – I have an amazing herbal cold fixer that’s not expensive, I always keep it on hand…

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