The $3000 tummy bug

Get ready for a heavy dose of deja vu …

OK, the heading on this blog post might be a little misleading because … I don’t know whether it’s actually a tummy bug and I have no idea what the final bill will be.

Those are exactly the same words I wrote yesterday except I’m upgrading the number on the bill because A LOT has happened in the past 24 hours.

In fact, $3000 might be conservative. Gulp.

I got a call from the vet yesterday morning to say she was worried Charlie had an obstruction because he still couldn’t stop vomitting despite all the expensive anti-nausea medication they’ve been giving him.  So she asked if she could give him an x-ray to see what the problem might be.

She called back to say it looked like there was something stuck somewhere or other, I forget the medical term she used, and they wanted to rush him to surgery. I said “yes” of course, and continued to be too terrified to ask what the running bill might be.

She called back a few hours later to say Charlie was awake after surgery … buuuuuut there was no obstruction, so they’d taken a few biopsies to see if they could get to the bottom of the problem. However, since Charlie had abdominal surgery he needed to stay at the vet clinic for a few days to recover. That would be unnecessary abdominal surgery, though my friend Annette said I might feel better about it if I call it exploratory surgery.

I’m really upset for poor Charlie … and my bank balance.

I dropped into the vet clinic to see Charlie after work yesterday and he looked terrible. They were having to aspirate him because all this nasty stuff started foaming out of his nose. He was wrapped in a baby’s blanket and was so ill he could barely lift his head. It took him about five minutes to realise I was even there. And then he just stared at me with the saddest eyes.

The vet asked if I had pet insurance and made a really nervous-making “oh” sound when I said “no”.

No, I don’t have pet insurance. But thank you to everyone who has asked when I’ve told them the story. Yes, in hindsight pet insurance would be an excellent and sensible idea.

Anyways, they’re back to thinking he might have doggie gastro.

The good news is that he’s not pooing blood any more, I know you were worried about that and keen for an update on his bowel movements.

I’m heading to the vet clinic again on my way to work to give him a pat. Hopefully I’ll hold it together a bit more this time.

Stand by for the link to my GoFundMe page. Joke. Kind of.

Song of the day: Crowded House “Better be home soon”

5 thoughts on “The $3000 tummy bug

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  1. Oh dear…poor Charlie and poor you! Literally!
    Very reminiscent of my friend’s $15,000-odd pet rabbit’s vet bill story.😳
    I seem to recall you and I have already had that conversation. 🤔
    Hang in there and remember to breathe! 🙄

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