This will be … interesting

A perfect family storm has unleashed its fury on the Household.

When I picked the eldest up from school yesterday afternoon she informed me she was too sick to go to art class. She sounded VERY snotty.


Unfortunately I had to drop her to school again at 6.30am this morning with some Nurofen and a few packets of Butter Menthols because she’s off on a school ski trip. (Mummy will be VERY tired tonight, as she did the whole “what if the alarm doesn’t go off?” thing and woke at 4.30am.)

The eldest is not a morning person at the best of times, let alone when she has a cold and her mother is threatening to get out of the car in her ugg boots and leopard print pyjamas to say goodbye at the school gates …

Poor eldest.

Actually, I feel sorrier for the kids not going on the ski trip. I’m hoping it’s a suburban myth but I’ve been informed by two sources that anyone not going skiing still has to attend school over the next three days and complete a project on … skiing. Surely not!?!

That seems a bit … mean.

The moment I dropped the sick eldest child home yesterday afternoon, I got a call from a skipping mum to say the youngest was too sick to go to training. The mum had been planning to collect the team from the bus when they returned from band camp and deliver them to their second last skipping training session before the NSW Skipping Championships this weekend.

It’s a hectic life being an 11-year-old.

Anyways, the youngest was deposited at the school office instead, where she was tended by her year 6 teacher who adores her (the lovefest is mutual) until I arrived.

I settled her on the sofa and we have our fingers tightly crossed she recovers fast.

She was not complimentary about camp – the food was terrible and she felt dreadful the whole time. It must have been miserable to be forced to play a tenor saxophone six hours a day while away from her own bed when she was so poorly.

I’ve agreed to make spag bol tonight to cheer her up because the version they served at camp – then repurposed with some beans as nachos the next day – was so “disgusting”.

Anyways, I need to collect the eldest from school at 11pm on Friday night when she returns from the snow. That’s TWO HOURS past my bedtime.

I could probably cope if I didn’t have to be up at sparrow’s fart to take the youngest to the State Skipping Championships the next morning. She will need to be there about 8am to get her hair braided. Hurrah. Then I’m on marshalling duty … actually, no I’m not. I mustn’t have saved my name on the Volunteers’ Google Doc … ooops.

Meanwhile her dad is on judging duty from 1.40-4pm on Saturday … I remembered to save the Judging Training Google Doc when I signed him up … He’s marking skippers on their “presentation”.


Anyways, I’m expecting the Household to be pretty knackered come Sunday night.

How’s your week going?

Song of the day: Snow Patrol “Chasing Cars”





8 thoughts on “This will be … interesting

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  1. Sick. Sick feral. Sick man. Sick grandaughter.
    I have a sore jaw from the dentist & the bozo seems fine…
    Big weekend coming… knights game sat arvo & a swiming carnival & visit kath on sunday

      1. Buggerations. Sunday visiting 9 & 2… 1 too early while im trying to squish the child into the swimmers… the oyher too late as i have to be her lane counter for her 1,500… thats 60 laps… lol

  2. I just packed the twins off to school with very long faces because they feel “sick” but I have a psych appt so they need to go to school. We are heading to the end of the winter sports and early mornings for now … Then the son and hubster head into cricket season. But we do not all need to get up at the crack of dawn to go!

    Actually hubster and I are heading out to a nice adult dinner with dear friends to a fancy local restaurant on Saturday night which will be lovely.

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