Scheming and squealing

There was NOTHING on TV last night, which was annoying when I was trying to dodge housework.

The house is a mess, but I’ve been madly working on  the communications for the announcement of our new CEO today and I was too stressed by all the cloak and dagger to tidy and mop.

Who can be bothered mopping when it’s plonked on top of your normal working day, cooking dinner, driving of the eldest to Scouts, cleaning up after dinner, making all the lunches for tomorrow and picking up from Scouts again?

So I made the mistake of watching The Bachelor. I know it’s a huge ratings success and everything but flipping heck, it’s appalling. I find it so disturbing to watch all those women corralled together, scheming and squealing and clamouring for a man’s attention. Ick.

Oh AND one of my least favourite people in the world had a cameo on last night’s episode. Ick.

I’ve told the youngest she must never ever lose her self respect by going on a show like that. We spent most of the show saying “eeeeeewwwwww”.

Mind you, the youngest was horrified to hear how I met DD.

“You met him on a dating site???? I am NEVER going on one of those!!!”

She was quite fascinated by all the details and very lip curly about him putting his bare feet on the chair beside me on our first “date”.

She wanted to know if he still does that and I said yes but it doesn’t bother me so much now because I’m used to it and he has quite nice feet for a man.

The DD convo was actually sparked by another reality show – Australian Ninja. The youngest LOVES that one. I expressed an affection for the finalist with the big moustache, which lead me to tell her about the disturbing facial hair DD sported in his RSVP photo. His RSVP photo really didn’t do him justice. He looked like a bikie gang’s accountant.

On our first date I had to take a deep breath and remind myself to keep an open mind as he approached … and then I noticed with blessed relief that he was clean shaven. He’d decided to get rid of the fuzz a few days prior. Phew.

I quite like him with facial hair these days … ah … I quite like him with anything …

Do you enjoy watching The Bachelor?

Song of the day: Icehouse “I can’t help myself”


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  1. Am with you about the Bachelor show. I know that the women are after more than a quick bonk with some bloke – lifetime fame anyone? But I wouldn’t last a minute – too fat, too old, dislike for synthetics and no patience for fuckwits. I am not sure how this is considered good TV

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