Time goes and here we stand

I took a few hours off work yesterday to visit Grandparents Day at the youngest’s primary school.

It’s her last one and her Pop wasn’t well enough to make the journey from Newcastle. The kids have often toughed out Grandparents Day on their own as both sets of grandparents live so far away, but the youngest insisted there needed to be SOMEONE there this time.

I figured I was old enough to be her grandmother, so what the heck.

I was also feeling appropriately geriatric – my body is struggling to adjust to daylight savings. It doesn’t help that youngest’s homework each night this week has been playing 30 minutes of board games with her sibling.

Except the siblings in our house are mortal enemies, so mum’s been given a special dispensation to step into the breech.

Playing 30 minutes of board games with your child each night instead of watching television is an admirable concept, but gawd it’s a struggle after working all day, then cooking dinner, then cleaning up, then making school lunches.

After clearing the table, we settle down to a game of Snakes & Ladders, a few rounds of Connect 4, a bit of Jenga and some dominos.

I’m pretty much cactus after that.

My exhaustion might explain why I got all teary watching the sweet old people interacting with their grandchildren yesterday. It was so lovely.

I also got a bit teary reading the youngest’s school workbook. Her message to her teacher at the start of the year said: “Dear Mrs C, I really want you to know that I have two dogs that I love very much and I’m not the best at maths. I really hope that year 6 will be fun and we will learn a lot and I will make lots of new friends.”

Bless her cotton sport socks.

After a stint in the classroom – with a grudging pass-out in the middle so I could grab a strong flat white – we headed to the playground to watch her in the school band, playing the tenor saxophone.

I got to channel my inner grannie again during the performance by hissing angrily at a group of high school girls who’d decided to play the loudest game of charades EVER a few metres away from me (the primary and high schools are adjacent to each other).

“Do you MIND not shouting for just a few minute?”


Young people these days! Harrumph!

Afterwards, I trundled off to the car with her enormous saxophone on its enormous trolley and headed to work to fax the kids’ birth certificates to the Department of Human Resources. That’s right, FAX.

Good thing I’m old enough to be a grannie, otherwise I might’ve had trouble with that whacked little government department request. Who the FARK has a fax machine these days? Luckily my work does …

Last-ever Grandparents Day.

Sad face.

Song of the day: Dragon “Are you old enough?”

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