My bizarre, beautiful, bumpy life

Isn’t it always the way? You start working for an awesome boss, then they announce less than a year later that they’re leaving.


It’s been a crazy few days in the workplace, putting together the comms for my CEO, Sandra Przibilla resigning. She’s been with the organisation for more than 10 years and has decided it’s time her family took first place in her life.

I’m a bit shattered. Both by the frenetic logistics of the comms and the news.

It didn’t help that I was juggling a caramel slice disaster and various other child’s birthday dramas on the home front at the same time.

Speaking of which, the youngest was totally delighted by turning 11. She got heaps of vouchers to spend on sportswear at Rebel, her classmates loved her gooey Malteser cupcakes and she got to have pizza for dinner with her mum and dad while wearing a fabulous red lace hand-me-down frock donated by my workmate Kathy (teamed with Converse hi-tops, a fur gilet and beaded choker … all her own styling work).

The pizza dinner took a slightly bizarre turn when she started opening her presents from her dad – wrapped in lavish gold polka-dotted paper – and the first was a container of Borax.

Borax? As a birthday present for a primary schooler? Huh????

Turns out it’s to make “slime” as a craft project, which explains why it was followed by a gold-polka-dot-wrapped bottle of laundry detergent.

She was thrilled. He’d also hunted down a jar of pasta sauce by the contestants on My Kitchen Rules – another a winner gift.

She was less thrilled by her dad and mum chin wagging over dinner about boring stuff like Media Watch, CEOs resigning and fake news.

Fortunately, the kids are unaware of how unpleasant the alternative would be … if their parents couldn’t sit down to a separated family dinner and happily chin wag together …

As we wandered off into the night afterwards, I felt so lucky – I have my gorgeous family, plus I get the beautiful bonus of DD.

It’s kinda like those Miracle Berries they sell in the shop at science museums – the ones that make sour stuff taste sweet. Sure, life has its shite moments – like your great boss resigning and a zero bank balance – but that stuff isn’t so hard to take when there are such special ingredients to counteract it.

PS The main pic is the youngest’s little gift to me at the end of the night – she nuked a fly in her room with insect spray and gave him a “proper” burial.

Song of the day: The Communards “Don’t leave me this way”

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