Sad resting face

You’ve probably heard of “bitchy resting face”.

Just in case you haven’t, Wikipedia describes it as: “Resting bitch face, also known as RBF or bitchy resting face, is a term for a facial expression (or lack thereof) which unintentionally appears angry, annoyed, irritated, or contemptuous.”

I’ve often thought I suffer from this First World problem. Actually, the term “First World problem” tends to give me an ACTUAL annoyed look, I mean what other sort of problem am I going to have while living in the First World?

I digress … Anyways, it appears I have “sad resting face” instead of a bitchy one. At least, according to my daughter.

She told me the other night that I always look sad. Eeeeek. That’s not good.

I’m definitely not sad all the time. I am irrationally, heartbreakingly sad about 5% of the time – also not good, but I try to keep the tears to the shower and bed – but the other 95% of the time I feel quite fabulous.

Some pretty lousy stuff has happened in my life over the past 10 years, but some pretty awesome stuff has happened too.

I don’t want to focus on the lousy stuff, it doesn’t achieve anything. Playing the victim card is such a bore.

I tried it with my ex when we were battling to save our marriage. I insisted that lot of bad stuff had gone down in my life and I should be given more patience and understanding, but he wasn’t buying it. He just pointed out that I wasn’t considering the effect my misery was having on my family.

I thought I’d sorted that (mostly) out. I didn’t think my misery was affecting my family any more. But my daughter’s announcement made me wonder.

It can’t set a very good example for a child if they think their mum is permanently miserable. I need to work on that.

More smiling required when engaged in frenetic single mum organisational shite.

DD has noticed how dramatically my face changes when I’m unhappy. I literally and extravagantly pout at the sight of bluebottles, for example.

But mostly, I hope, it’s just that I have an unintentional “sad resting face”.

Song of the day: Elton John “Sad songs”

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