Delayed reaction

You know how the kids were all bright and chatty and thrilled to see me on Monday night? Well it fell in a heap on Tuesday morning.

I woke before dawn to the sound of shuffling in the bathroom, but I stuck my finger in my ear and rolled over in the hope they’d head back to bed.

When I finally emerged at 6.15am, I was startled by the sight of the eldest walking out of her bedroom fully dressed for school. This is not a normal occurrence. She usually needs to be startled into wakefulness several times before she moans and grudgingly rises to go to band practice.

I was taken aback. Then the youngest popped out of her room and announced she’d been wide awake since 1am.

Surely not, I insisted. But she reckons she checked her bedside clock and couldn’t get back to sleep again.


Tuesday was going to get ugly.

When I collected the pair from school I was assured by the eldest that while she’d snoozed in history and fallen down a flight of stairs or two she was having a second wind, so I dropped her at art class.

The youngest, on the other hand, looked like death warmed up … and was working on a head cold.

When I picked the eldest up from art class she looked wan and informed me the second wind had deserted her.

By 7.30pm she was asleep in bed. The youngest soon followed, after a warm bath and a dab of Vicks.

I was a little nervous about what the night would hold, but … They seem to have slept through.

In other news, my whompingly expensive double-glazed window was installed yesterday and doesn’t seem to have made the slightest difference to noise levels in the lounge room.


I also got some great advice on DIY fixing my washing machine from one of my blog followers, Nic, which resulted in the door opening and me being able to extricate my washing, but it remains to be seen if I can get it working on a fresh load.

That might have to wait until I get back from Newcastle.

I’m heading off this arvo to prepare for the breast cancer fundraiser I’m speaking at for 20 long minutes, so I won’t be blogging in the morning as I need to be at Wests Leagues Club at 7am, but I’ll post my speech on Friday.

Wish me luck!

Song of the day: Fox “S-s-s-single bed”


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