I can’t believe it’s been 5 years

It’s a little jaw-dropping to realise I’ve been blogging at HouseGoesHome for five whole years this month.

Wow the blog has been through a lot with me.

Those first few posts weren’t too fabulous, though my debut included the gem: “I helped out at a ‘100 days of kindergarten’ celebration. Unfortunately it ended with Sprog 2 clinging to me and crying hysterically because a boy said she ‘wasn’t right about everything’ … Sprog 2 – like her mother – believes she IS right about everything, so it came as quite a blow.”

There was a lot of emotional turmoil in the first year of the blog … and every year that’s followed. I’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster since I left ACP Magazines (oh and the year before I exited) after 20 years to wallow in my imploding marriage.

A year into the blog I was being told by a Facebook friend to give myself “an uppercut and be thankful for what you’ve got.”

I suspect it’s the same person who told me to count my blessings a few months ago.

So not much has changed on that front.

But pretty much everything else about my life has undergone a pretty massive transformation.

My husband left me. I bought a house on my own. I fell in love with DD. I left journalism to become a communications manager …

And the blog has been a bit of a rock throughout it all. As have the people who’ve joined me on the journey.

Thank you for reading so regularly. It’s an incredible commitment in this busy world. Please keep commenting and letting me know when I make you laugh or cry or think or empathise.

It’s great to get the feedback and to know I’ve touched your life in some way.

Song of the day: Andrew Gold “Thank you for being a friend”


4 thoughts on “I can’t believe it’s been 5 years

  1. Your writing has definitely touched my life and I’m so glad we got to meet. I have followed your blog since I first discovered it around late 2012. Out of all the blogs I follow, yours is the one I read most regularly because I want to know how you are, and your posts make me laugh, cry, empathise and think. So thanks for all that! I hope you’re enjoying your new job by the way. Would love to hear about it sometime, I’m in comms too!

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