Celebration time

It’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow. We celebrated last night at my sister’s place. Most family events play out my sister’s deck these days – weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Easter – though my mum reckons my 50th should be a Waikiki affair.

She’s piling up the Frequent Flyer points … who am I to argue?

My sister’s deck is pretty schmick – she’s even had heaters built into the ceiling for winter gatherings. Sadly, the pool and spa are out of order. Insurance work for a nasty crack. Sad face.

She managed to cram 13 people around the enormous outdoor table last night. There was so much laughter and good food shared.

The youngest and I were in charge of the cake. We decided on a triple berry shortcake.

It turned out pretty well except for the fact I didn’t buy enough cream. The youngest was a bit miffed, but it still looked pretty impressive.


My sister made a bloody awesome lasagna, salad and garlic bread and we sipped delish pink bubbly.

When you get to my dad’s age, there’s not much you need in terms of material possessions, so we gave him this …


Spending time with his family is just about the best gift you can give my dad.

My mum can’t help bringing gifts for everyone when she visits.

She arrived with another pair of pink bed socks for me … this time with bonus pom poms. DD was stoked when he saw them. He thinks the idea of me wearing bed socks anywhere within cooee of him is soooooo sexy.

We wandered home completely shattered at the outrageously late hour of 8.45pm. The youngest and I were slammed by our Friday night.

She tottered out of bed at 10.30pm and totally lost the plot because she was over-tired and covered in awful, raw eczema that had spread over her back and neck while she was on a mini-break with one of her best friends.

Poor pet.

Today she heads off with her dad for a visit to her other grandparents’ place. She’s really not looking forward to the long car trip. Can’t say I blame her.

I held her so tight when she gave me a cuddle before bed last night.

I’m gonna miss my head chef and her big sis.

Song of the day: Kool & The Gang “Celebration”


4 thoughts on “Celebration time

  1. Family feasts are all too rare these days and I’m looking forward to our next big gathering, perhaps in Melbourne for Xmas this year!
    I saw Leo Sayer, in concert with Lulu, here in Melbourne a few weeks ago. He still certainly “can dance” and held his own on stage with the gorgeous Lulu, trotting out all their memorable songs.
    Not a bad show from the two 67 year olds!!
    Happy Birthday to your Dad! 👍

  2. Happy birthday to Mr House!
    My dad is 70 at the end of August and he wants to go to the footy with the family! Lucky we all like the footy lol. So we are all having Chinese before the game and then 17 of us heading off to the last Sharks home game for the season.
    Though if we were having a meal together (which was the original plan) we were meant to be having it on my deck and I would have been making my daddy a strawberry shortcake too it is his favourite!

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