I was full of shite

You know how I delivered that holier than thou blog last week about it being time to stop making the poor-separated-me excuses and take control of my life, clean up my act, all that jazz.

Well that was total shite. I don’t have time to clean up my act.

I’m too bloody busy.

I got a few sighs from mums on the weekend when I complained I wasn’t getting Monday night off from parenting because my ex had something on and asked if I could have the kids (he has them Sunday, Monday and Wednesday each week).

“I wish I got a night off,” they muttered.

So maybe I shouldn’t be complaining because I usually get three “nights off” each week.

Sounds cushy, but generally life feels like a bit of a hard slog, especially after a month-long cold that’s still lingering.

I lost most of last weekend to the State Skipping Championships, so the house is an absolute tip. I’m trying to get my head around my new job. My children have multiple activities most mornings and afternoons of the week. I like to see my boyf once or twice a week, who lives 45 minutes away. There’s grocery shopping, there are a terrifying number of bills to pay, there’s a dodgy computer to keep running, there’s dinner to cook, there are school lunches to make, there’s the desire to exercise occasionally and have some semblance of a social life …

I’m not sure what the solution is, other than winning the lottery.

I would sooooooo love to win the lottery and get a cleaner, some decent furniture and a garden that doesn’t look like it belongs to a derelict house … OK, and a house that doesn’t look derelict.

Single motherhood means every part of running a household and paying the bills is my sole responsibility.

It’s exhausting and stressful and I hate having to do it all on my own.

So, while I know I need to clean up my act, actually doing it is going to be much harder than just writing the words and it magically happening.

I’ll get there, eventually. In the meantime, forgive me while I prioritize my family and fun over my waist measurement and grimy house.

Song of the day: Alicia Keys “Superwoman”


6 thoughts on “I was full of shite

  1. You’re doing a great job Alana. I’ve lowered my standards ie housework etc and just do the best I can and I’ve decided that will be fine. The kids love leftovers 2 nights in a row- excellent.

    However today I miss out on mothers day event at school because I have to work. I don’t mind not seeing the alternate reality of other mums ie stay at homes with lovely husbands and comfortable lives though.

    • I’ve been lucky enough to have flexibility with my work to do most school things. Today I was at the uniform shop to get stuff – it only opens on a Tuesday and Thursday between 12-2 and I’m not sure how any working mother is supposed to do that (especially since there’s no on-line ordering available)

  2. No you aren’t full of shite! Sure you get 3 “nights off” a week but you also don’t get to see your girls for those nights. And when you have them you are it, you are on duty permanently there is no-one else in the house to share that with.
    I know I have been guilty of thinking how lucky some of my friends are who get a “break” on whatever regularity it occurs but you know what there is an awful lot of crap that comes with getting that break.
    Big hugs Alana and you are doing an awesome job!

  3. This is a shame and sorry but I’m making it about meeeeeee. I purchased Gumption because of your last blog last week! I still haven’t used it. I had never purchased it before. I was waiting for another cleaning theme blog entry of yours to inspire me.

    • I have no idea how Gumption entered my life but it is very good at removing stubborn grime. My preferred method of cleaning is to drizzle White King down the walls of the shower recess. At least then the bathroom SMELLS clean …

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